The Best Things Are Locked...

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The Best Things Are Locked...

For once, I was actually getting close to the Glow. There were a few Raiders and Bandits trying to find my trail as I fled over the hills, seeking high spots to open up the map and plan my way ahead. Frequent rainstorms covered my tracks and I was getting by with little to no injuries, supplying myself with mushrooms and berries to survive.

Walking into a ruined town, I find a locked shed and two abandoned homes. Since the best items are always in the locked shed, I pull out my trusty lockpicks and get to work, eager to see what treasures awaited me inside.

Was it a copious amount of food and water?

Was it a loaded rifle and a Mummy bag?

Was it a fresh load of clean bandages and pills?


Someone locked a Dogman inside.

Died in two hits, his first attack punctured my lungs, the second did terrible things to what had once been my manhood.

And my ego.

Back to the Cryo Tube.

Oh wow that is crazy!! Thats gotta be a first!! I don't know which is better this or the guy that had his fire stolen out from underneath him LOL!!

Unfortunate for sure...but funny as hell!!

i've had something similar happen to me. instead of being a dogman, it was a raider. and after i killed him after sustaining a substantial, but not deadly, amount of wounds i found that the only things in the storage shed were empty cans, empty bottles, and a plastic bag.
what a shame...

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.

With a good supply of mushrooms and berries (And oddly totally being unable to find any bottles despite 6 rivers), I started my trek once more towards the blessed glow that promised fame and riches...

If I could just stop the whole 'my lungs are bleeding' thing...

All that aside, in another tale of 'The Best Things Are Locked';

I decided to give Athletics and Hiding a shot for better non-conflict results, figuring I'd get away from battle more often. As usual, I've picked up Lock-picking as well. The Medic trait starts me off with a free little box full of pills and bandages, and I think this is starting to make me seriously over confidant.

It all started out easily enough. Flee the bandits, flee the raiders, OH DEAR GOD WHERE DID THAT DOGMAN COME FROM?!

I spent three days running from the Dogman before I gave in and found myself a locked shed. The Dogman was a tile behind me and night was falling. Frabjous day! There were bandages and water bottles inside! Patching up after a few trips through the terrain from fleeing the terrible beast, I lay out my Sleeping Bag and close the door to the shed, using my Hide ability in hopes that the beast would move on as the Raiders had during the night.

Well, the trick worked.

Unfortunately, it worked too well.

I could not get back out of the shed.

My scrapes and bruises became infected as I beat on the door and yelled for someone to let me out (couldn't get the menu to come back up), and after three days passing and not a soul to even ransack my bags left outside, I died of dehydration.

... Back to the Cryo Tube.

New mantra of my boyfriend and I;

"I found a Scope! I'm about to die."
"I found a sling! Bet you I'll die before I find a gun..."

Seems like every time we get one of the parts to make the rifle but not the rifle itself, mobs come out of the walls to kill our characters.

Last play through while trying to build up to a bug test; An entire day of absolutely no combat encounters at all, it was making me jumpy and suspicious. Even with 4 bars of safety/stealth and full loot wasn't proccing raiders to attack me.

Right before Nightfall, I find a Scope and set up camp.

Hit Sleep.

Night falls.

Hit Confirm.

Suddenly theres a Dogman on top of me and I'm killed almost instantly. XD

From another thread, wasn't much of a story but it made someone laugh, so its being stored here for reference.

"The only other time I've ever suffered massive heatstroke has been from fixing the heating vent in the Cryo building and being unable to turn it off, and apparently melted inside my sleeping bag when I couldn't interrupt the overnight cycle and died. I haven't tested that yet on this current build, but I can probably kill myself doing it again easily enough. :P"

Was losing a fight with a rifleman when I see an option pop up I'd never seen before; Headbutt. I was like, "Cool, I can probably stun him enough to run!" ... Forgetting I already had injuries on my head, un-medicated, I headbutted the Raider and did enough damage to kill myself. Apparently Raiders are hard like brick walls and I crushed my own skull with the attack.

Ran into a blind feeble man in the early morning with a meat cleaver. I had a crowbar. Sneaking up to him I reached out to take his cleaver from hhim and...

Somehow he got behind me and was hobbling away.

Ninja Elderly!


Alright. I went on my way.

*Digs around in a mushroom patch.. so many shrooms! <3*

(hmm.. any caves with shrooms?)

forest + Botany = GREAT loot chance but low sneakyness.
forest + Botany + Hiding = Great loot, great sneaky, yet somehow has lower chance of actually finding loot? ... 'Kay. I'll live with it. I'm a dirty hobo after all.

Frail feeble man.. yell at him and shoo him off. I don't want a fight so I just puff up and howl and pretend I'm a Dogman. He runs like mad.

tear up my arm searching a city. Bandages applied. Medic trait.

Got attacked by a Tough Bandit, his weapon said punch but it looked like had a.. gun of some kind... filler art I'm assuming.. anyway... Pretty aggressive, Tough and Barefoot, kept taking tumbles but getting back up and attacking again. Wasnt getting many hits, I was just kicking him and shouting at him, trying to chase him away.

When I finally do get pissed off enough to hit him, the Crowbar crits and I cripple his left leg. o.o

I feel like a Douche. I yell at him more and he finally limps off, realizing I'm serious.

Im tired and Very thirsty. I've been looking for water all day, I havnt found a river or even a marsh yet. What clear pools I've found in leaves and warped gutters in city streets ... I dont want to drink this stufff, I dont even have a fire, but its all I've got.

Bottoms up.

After a bit of wandering and struggling to survive, failed to make it back to camp and bedded... out in the open. With no shelter. In a rainstorm. Slept fine, no one bothered me.

eventually the hunt for water lead me into the den of a dogman and trying to run away just provoked it into attacking and eating me head first. Survived about two and a half days. Medic, Botany, Lockpicking, Eagle Eyes, Insomnia, Hiding.

Back to the Cryo Tube...