For those having difficulty

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For those having difficulty

Right, so I'm writing this for any one to reference later, if players are not able to get to all the plot encounters. If your not having that problem then you prolly shouldn't read this as it may ruin the game for you. Or not just depends on how you look at it. Everygame has a speed run and this is basically that. No plot encounter spoilers only tactics. No exploits used.

So here we go:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

These are the traits you should take

Metabolism: Worth mentioning this ability is the main reason the speed run with no encounters is possible. I've ran through this complete with only one encounter with a npc several times and everytime it was just dumb luck and I run away. By not haveing to spend any moves on sustaining yourself you will allways have enough moves to hide tracks and hide before you scavenge. So if this changes I'll update these strategies accordingly.

So you know what to do at the cryo to avoid injuring yourself. Now its basically a sprint to the glow, and these are the rules to make sure you get there in one piece.

Try the best you can to allways head in the right direction but avoiding all hexes that have woods or hills. Easy enough.

Allways hide tracks and hide if you stop for anything. But your only going to stop 3, 4 times max the first day.

Allways use hiding during scavenging, I know it lowers the loot bar but its not going to matter.

It is posible to stop only once if you get lucky on your first scavenge.

Only scavenge Shacks or Sheds in forest tiles, I know it contradicts staying out of the woods and hills, but this is the only exception. We just don't want to take the movement penalty if we are not going to scavenge.

The first shack you come to grab some clothes and shoes if you luck out just keep on the path there will be others.

By the time night falls you should be about three quarters of the way there. Sometimes I only get half way and thats fine too.

When dusk hits keep going for one more turn then find a urban hex to dip into, and just keep hiding tracks and ending turn, every turn till dawn. No sleeping.

Now same routine same rules. You shouldnt have to stop at all the second day, you'll get to the glow before night fall.

Sell whatever you may have picked up on you couple of stops and eat at the junk market. You should have a couple things at least.

Sleep in the sprawl the second night any where is fine, but don't lower your gaurd I've been attacked by a dogman one hex away from Hatter while still in the sprawl. So same rules apply.

As soon as the junk market has night vision get em. This may take some time night vision seems to be a bit rarer than it was but it shouldnt be too much of a hasle to get. Now it wont matter that your lowering the loot bar every time with hiding.

Time to loot. First set up a camp where you can drop items off near the junk market. Loot all the shacks around but outside of the sprawl. You can loot inside the sprawl if you can find any buildings not in ruin. I have better luck outside the sprawl.

Never ever loot any structure that is in ruin or crumbling or whatever its bad news allmost allways and not worth the risk.

No need to worry about food the market will allways have something and your gonna be selling pills to the market like a drug dealer.

Antibiotics are by far the best profit for the hassel of carrying them around while your looting. At time of writing this antibiotics are very common. Shoes in good condition are good too but take alot of room.

Take the job with Hatter if you want to keep on going, if not use tracking and check out that part of the story. There are other ways this could go depending on abilities so worth checking out next playthrough.

Ok so you should have everything you need to get to the Hatter job done and return.

At the minimum you should be taking some antibiotics, clean rags, wiskey would be good just in case the antibiotics fail you I allways keep some handy, night vision, a couple of food items and a bottle of water.Your only going to eat one time really round trip during the Hatter mision so dont worry about that too much. But you should be geared up with a nice rifle and everything else you could want from "farming" the market. Just don't overburden yourself that could realy mess things up for you.

Just do the same thing you did to get to the glow. Good Luck!!

Nice tips thank you for this information!