New Postcard Design

Hey Folks!

I wasn't online as much today, since I had to run a few errands in town. However, one of those errands was checking out the proofs for the new postcard!

What Was the Old Postcard?

So far, customers who bought the "Yukon" Edition have been treated with a picturesque DMC skyline:

IMAGE( The Old Postcard: Wish You Were Here...

But, as some of you can probably see from the number in it's corner, there aren't many in that batch left. Time for a new design!

What will it be? Well, I should be receiving the new shipment next week, so I'll upload a photo then. It'll be a new run of 200, each individually numbered, and signed with a message from me.

Oh, and for those really detail-oriented readers, you'll have noticed the "Yukon" Edition no longer comes with lipstick-kissed postcards. Just the signed personal message now. I retired the lipstick postcards silently a week or so ago. A man can only stand so much cheap lipstick before he's sick of the smell of Electric Youth :)

That's it for this week! I'll still check emails over the weekend, in case any crises arise (e.g. order problems, access issues, etc.), so feel free to email me if those come up.

Otherwise, hope everyone has a great weekend!