Bug Report or Perhaps Better to call an exploit

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Bug Report or Perhaps Better to call an exploit

First off, awesome work so far. YOU ROCK! (So happy to see a game like this getting attention).

I have noted an exploit/bug and wish to know the best location to report it. I figure if there is a section already designated, I can check to see if it has already been reported.

In advance exploit is that you can constantly drop and pickup multiple scraps of paper to gain unlimited recipes.

Action took place at Cryo Facility with two scraps of paper, sending them to and from the pocket section of jeans.

I believe its a known bug but you can check the stickied post in technical support.

Thanks much!

Was about to report that but you beated me to it. It can be done as long as you have a more than 2 recepies, simply quickly clic on them to move them from your inventory to the ground, then vice versa, until you have all the recepies.