A Couple of things

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A Couple of things

So i buyed the Game on Desura and i am totally impressed ^^

But.. i have few things i don`t understand

If you are in Infected in my meaning you are Dead, totally Dead i consumed 10 or 12 Anibiotica and i died painfully. What else should i do?

The First Hours i tried to establish a safe House in Cyro Station and tryed to repair the Heater and the Light crafted the Parts but i can only drop in camp an dont install it thats confusing. Are there other good positions for safe houses?

And that i cant go in the big city with a Market is okay because its the end of the story right?

Whats with fire? I see dozens of Forests but i am not able to take some of this wood

Hey Arutha,

UM the only help I can give you with the infection problem is that antibiotics should work everytime, taking one is the same as taking a dozen (they dont stack), rinsing the wound in purified water is a big help and you can do it multiple times and it will help more, If you have botany you can make tannin tea for a imune system boost and the tea does stack with antibiotics. My personal experience is that wiskey put on the infection is the best way to go as it is a immediate result.

re. cryo
So you have the mechanic and electrician abilities and your not able to use them? Did you try putting the ability and the components in the crafting area?

re: end of story
You cant go to the glow at all? if sothat sounds like your playing the demo. If thats not what you ment then there is a plot encounter there and depending what you choose it could be basically the end for now.

re. fire
You have to scavenge for wood. after scavenging there will be a group of trees on the ground stick those in the crafting area to get the required ingrediants for a fire.

Edit: Oh also it might be good to list the build your playing just in case those on Desura have a different buid. Not likely but just in case seeing as how i fought of an infection just a bit ago with antibiotics.

Hope that helps. Good luck!!

Okay i see infections are very Bad. Thats okay i`m learning xD

Yeah forget the Wood stuff i figured it out in the Meanwhile

Cyro: So jeah i have the skills and i have sucessfull repaired the Parts. So from the Electric Panel i crafted this Lightning thing but i dont know how to use it? I cant take it in my backpack or my Hand i can only drop it in campsite. And then? oO I go back to the dialog option but there was no lightning thzin i could only act with the Electrik Panel and just get the receipt for the lightning thing thats confusing me a bit. Or schould the Lighntning thing only lay on campground and works from there? Whatever it does ^^

Right, so take all the things on the slip of paper and put them in the crafting area. The slip of paper is the instructions for getting the panel to work. Same with the Havoc vent.

Jeah thats what i have done man. I just dont know what to do with the finished(crafted) product ^^

Oh ok then yeah put them in your campsite and thats it. When the lighting is on the concealment bar goes down if your looking for an indication that things are working. I imagine when the Havoc vent is in the campsite and working the temp goes up but I havent done that personally.

Hey Guys!

Just catching up on some old posts I missed.

For the light and HVAC in the cryo center, the crafted items can only be dropped in the campsite. They have no meaning elsewhere (i.e. the light needs to be in the ceiling to work, and the vent is attached to the room). It's probably not the most intuitive, but I didn't want people walking off with an HVAC system in their pockets :)

Also, infections were a bit too harsh in pre-0.952 builds, so they should be a bit better now. There were a couple of bugs that caused infections to really get out of control. Dusky's suggestions are still useful for fighting off the infection, though!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I don't suppose it's possible to use the lighting and air conditioning combined with botany to start your own green house there? (Mushroom farm for the win. XD ) Was also wondering why one can't use the hacking skill to lock the place down when going outside as to prevent others from stealing whatever you've stashed there. Option to revive other deep frozen people would also be nice. =) (And cannibalism needs to definitely be included in the game!)
It's also odd, that one can't properly scavenge the Cryo facility after things calm down there (it's just sort of unfair to check on that med kit for builds without the Medicine skillset). One would think there'd be all kinds of inventories and lists on those computers there, possibly even hack a net connection with a few modifications to the mainframe. A wicked alternative ending could be to repair the Cryo facility and re-enter stasis. ;)

God promised an end to all wicked people. Odin promised an end to all Ice Giants. I don't see any Ice Giants...

Anything's possible, but I have to hook it up for you to see it :)

In fact, that's usually the answer to most questions of "why can't players ___?" I just haven't written code to ___ yet.

It's an unfortunate side effect of adding things like crafting, encounter choices, and NPCs. As soon as I add some of those things, I open up whole lists of things that seem like they should be possible, but I can't write systems to handle the full range of player creativity and resourcefulness. Probably only a human DM/GM can do that.

So as a compromise, I try to choose a range of different but interesting possibilities. Enough that it feels like there's some freedom, but not so much that the rest of the game development is on hold for too long.

It's a tricky balance, and different players will want the balance skewed one way vs. the other.

Getting back to the cryo chamber suggestions, I think many of those make sense. (e.g. greenhouse, hacking systems, searching for supplies, etc.) It's possible I'll go back and add more stuff to that encounter location, but I'll probably focus on places like the DMC, general plot, and new features first. The game still feels pretty empty, and has some flawed systems, so I'd like to get those sketched out/fixed before going back to fill in finer details.

Also, hearing suggestions like these can help me to better design future encounters, with more interesting choices. So even if I don't go back to add any to the cryo chamber, I might be able to use the ideas for future ones! Thanks for the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games