The man in the gown

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The man in the gown

I've written this for my blog, but I figured I could post it here as well..

It was already late at night, and Joe was closing his shop when Frank came running from the wilderness.

Frank: "Hey Joe! Joe!"
Joe: "Calm down Frank. What's going on?"
Frank: "You won't believe what I saw yesterday out there in the wilds"
Joe: "Okay, let's go to my house and you can tell me over the stove because I'm freezing out here"

They started walking towards Joe's house. Once inside, they sat down next to the fire.

Frank:"Okay Joe, listen to me, and listen well..."

"I was out west exploring some woods, when I bump into a freaking dogman. Damn beast charged at me so I fired my rifle, and sadly, missed the shot. But it was enough to frighten the crap out of that dog. So, I started running out of the forest and I saw a couple of buildings. Got to the roof of one of those and started watching over the forest to see if I had been followed by the beast.
And then, I saw the man. He was only wearing a hospital gown, and carrying a plastic bag. he entered another building and I could hear the noise he was making while in there. Also, the dogman that I encountered in the forest had heard him, and started to lurk around the building.
After a while, the man got out. It seemed that he was able to find some stuff, wearing pants, boots and a T-shirt over the gown, a backpack and a meat cleaver on his hand.
He was only able to make a couple of steps when the dogman appeared from around the building. They were at, I don't know, a hundred feet away from eachother.
The man stood in place for a second, and then, raised the meat cleaver and started shouting at the beast. The dogman responded by quickly advancing towards him and launching an attack with it's claws. The man dodged the attack and took a swing with the cleaver, hitting the dogman's stomach. The beast tried to tackle the guy, but failed and went, face first, to the ground. The man saw that as an opportunity and attacked, scratching the leg of the dog. I thought that he actually had a chance of actually killing it, but the dog grabbed his legs and pulled him to the ground.
The dogman started to get on it's feet and the guy tried to roll on the ground to make some distance. But the beast quickly tackled him. While the guy was trying to recover, the dog was up again. 'Game over' I thought, 'he'll die now', but somehow, he managed to pull the beast to the ground again. But, in the end, it didn't help. He was tired and the dog quickly got up. The man tried another roll, but this time he got clawed in the arm. I could see that he was stunned from the impact. The beast attacked again and again, hitting the arm, cutting the skin. The man was screaming from the pain, and even with his arm tored up, he tried to grab the dogman but again, it's claws were slashing his arm. He seemed to be in a state of shock, not able to do much more, he simply looked at the dogman. Then, the beast clawed the man's stomach and he stopped moving.

I got down from the building I was, and started sneaking towards the place were the fight took place. The dogman was feasting from the remains of the man. Since it was distracted, I took my time to aim, and killed the beast with a shot to the head. Got to the body, and took some of his stuff."

Then, Frank opened his backpack and took out a diary and a medical bracelet.

Frank: "Look, this bracelet says his name was Philip Kindred. And this is his diary, just read it".

Joe took the diary and started reading...

Day 1. First entry.
I don't remember who am I. Only know that I just woke up in some kind of cryo facilty.
Not much after weaking up, I heard a scream. Luckily, I saw a plant, that I don't know how, but was sure that it was toxic and animals tend to stay away from it.
I stomped some branches, and rubbed the fragments in my hands and the door. And then, the thing appeared, some kind of werewolf. My plan worked, the thing started sniffing and went away thanks to the toxic scent.
After it left, I started exploring the room. I found some tracks coming from the door, and going to my stasis tank, and to the console, I'm sure that the monster didn't made those tracks.
I checked the console, and according to it, and to my bracelet, my name is Philip Kindred. And nothing more.

Day 1. Second entry.
I got out of the facilty and walked for a while towards a forest. Found a shack, it was empty and dilapidated. I got my foot stuck in a damn opening. After I managed to get out, I explored the forest and managed to find some edible mushrooms. It started raining for a little while, just enough to leave me soaking wet.

Day 1. Third entry.
Right now I'm in a hill trying to find something more than forest, but to no avail. I hope that there's some kind of civilization around here. I'm east from the facility, I'll go north to another hill, I need to use the higher terrain to check if I can see anything. At least I found a plastic bag to carry the mushrooms and some cables that I also found.

Day 1. Fourth entry.
I have found a river! And near that river, I see a couple of buildings. My luck is finally starting to change.

Day 1. Fifth entry.
This building is a gold mine. Whisky, water, clothing, medicine and even a backpack. Also, I have a meat cleaver, now even if one of those werewolves gets near me, I'll be able to defend myself. Or at least I hope so.

As Joe finished reading the last entry, his mind was focused on the first one.

Joe: "Cryo facility?"
Frank: "Yes. Cryo facilty. We have to check that"
Joe: "Tomorrow morning we go west to check that facility"


cool story

i like the prespective you came up with