Camp Fire Used But to No Penalty?

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Camp Fire Used But to No Penalty?

Okay, so in the game when you go to camp there's the 'On Ground' section and the 'Camp' section. You can drag your tent, noise traps, etc. into the camp section and it modifies your corresponding states for the camp. Now as it is, it seems that if a Fire is left in the 'Ground' area it keeps you warm, but if you move it to the 'Camp' section it keeps you warm and also makes you easier to spot.

So is this a glitch? Or is the on ground bonus of the fire not applied when you actually 'Sleep' in the camp?

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Hm, I think this is more of a UI issue. The campfire affects you in both places, but you won't see the penalty in the camp screen because the fire isn't installed in the camp. But the penalty is definitely there (if you have the heat bonus, you also have the visibility penalty).

Basically, the camp UI is just showing the stats for the camp with current camp items installed, ignoring the ground.

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