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Hi, in browser (chrome) After I load the saved game, it just turns grey, wrote (in grey) loading creatures and nothing is moving. Refreshed it several times...

Hello, here is what worked for me.

Windows 7, Firefox v34.0.5, BetterPrivacy 1.68 add-on (the culprit). Start the game, Save, start Firefox. In Firefox go to Tools - Better Privacy. On the "LSO Manager" tab I see two entries with an Origin of NEOScavenger.exe: nsSGv1.sol and nsTest.sol. Click on one then click on the "Prevent automatic LSO deletion" button. Both should show a Status of "Protected Folder". I'm able to save my games without copying the save file now. You mileage may vary, no warranties implied, proceed at your own risk, etc.

Love the game!

Hope this helps somebody, Eric

I tried to paste my capture from Process Monitor but got an error while posting. Windows 8, bought copy off of GOG. Disabled everything I could find. It looks like the folder is being deleted by rundll32.exe Not sure which specific setting I need to set in order to stop that nonsense. Any help is appreciated.

Hm, rundll32.exe doesn't tell us much. You're right about that :)

I took a brief look around Google, and came across this link:

Essentially, it looks like rundll32.exe may be used to launch certain scripts which can be involved with cookie cleaning. I think rundll32.exe is a standard Windows feature, so it could be IE or Windows triggering the clean-up.

One thing you can try is to leave the folder with ngSGv1.sol open where you can watch it, and try various things until ngSGv1.sol disappears. Maybe we can figure out which process is killing it via timing instead of name?

E.g. Open the directory for the saves, start a new game, and save it.
Verify that the ngSGv1.sol file is created, so we know we're in the right directory.
Watch for deletion when closing NEO Scavenger.
Try opening and closing your browser(s).
Try leaving things alone for a while and come back later, to see if it was deleted while you were away (which may be the case if there's software doing periodic clean-up).

This might help you track down which events happen at the same time the save disappears, and lead us to the reason why. Let me know if that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

A workaround found so that you can have your cake (or lack of cookies on shared computers) and eat it:
When using Firefox, instead of selecting 'cookies' on 'clear history when firefox closes' under 'privacy' of the options/preferences window, use the add-on "Self Destructing Cookies", and leave that other option unchecked. This will delete cookies more appropriately, while still leaving the Flash saves intact, as far as I have tested.

This post fixed my save game issues. Thanks for sharing!

ARGH I knew there was a reason I unchecked delete cookies when clearing browsing history, but I couldn't remember why. Started thinking I was crazy when I couldn't find my safe game.... When the tutorial for how to scavenge popped up again I knew I messed it up somehow.

Oh well I'll just think of it as some random pack of dogmen eating my face and start over as if I had died.

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Wtf, I am really confused.
I found out the .sol item, copied it, then erased it fromoriginal folder (I have the steam version and it is in a folder? wtf) and the game still remembers the save. I died in original save, then copied back the stored save and nothing happened, I searched the computer for term: nsSGv1 and only one exist in my entire folders.
I am hopelles guys.

I'm a bit confused too. :D How is the save stored in a GOG folder? It's stored in the macromedia/flash_player folder, as described in the opening post of this thread, which has nothing to do with either the Steam or the GOG folders.

Provided you still keep that initial .sol file somewhere safe (I don't want to make you accidentally erase your save), you could try this step by step process:

1. Start a new game (just pick random) and save at first opportunity in the initial encounter. Exit the game (after saving), and close the game. This should have created a new save in its appropriate position for us to locate.

2. Depending on your system, follow the instructions from the OP (where it says "Where are the save games stored?", in order to locate the new save game you made. (Please note that this folder may be hidden in your system, as the initial post also explains a bit lower down).

3. If all went well, then you have now found the folder where all your NEO Scavenger saves will be located. You could make a shortcut to that folder for easy access if you want. Just know that the exact path may change if you uninstall/reinstall or move the game, and you will then have to go searching again.

4. You could now try overwriting the save you just created with your own save, start the game again and let us know if it works.

Happy hunting. ;)

NEO Scavenger: FAQ
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Version: Steam download
OS: Mac 10.14.3
Flash Player: (12.0)

Neo Scavenger has stopped loading my save game. (Very annoying, as I've got to Detroit for the first time.) When I try to load it, the game freezes during loading (see screenshot). I can hear ambient sound from the game, but the game doesn't work.

A new game loads properly.

Any fixes or workarounds?