FIRE!!! how does it work?

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FIRE!!! how does it work?

i made a bunch of fires like a crazy pyro, and yet it didnt give me any warmth or extra visibility. is that coded in yet?also i get stuck after finding the multitool in the lab

For warmth, put it on the ground, a little odd I know.Also I do not think they add extra visibility (nor think they should).

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It actually gives you warmth... Just very little, ive noticed the outside temp bar only goes up about 1-2 notches depending if you have a big fire or not and could you evolve what you got stuck on? couldnt you go out in from the freezer after or whats the problem?


Yeah, as Tanakh and Markofbear say, fire provides warmth when on the ground. The campfire should provide more wamth than the tiny flame, and they can be used in crafting recipes.Regarding the multitool knife, are you stuck because there's no place to drop the knife? Some players are reporting issues with the "Items" button not appearing when they receive loot, so they can't drop the item and continue. I'm still trying to figure out what causes this bug, but in the meantime, you can use the "Q" hotkey to open the "Items" screen and put the knife someplace, then you should be able to continue.

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