Where to after the Hatter's quest

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Where to after the Hatter's quest

So, first off, SPOILERS.

I got my bracelet via the junk market by selling cartloads of junk, like some kind of post-apocalyptic bag-lady fresh from the wilderness with backpacks full of gently used shoes. I took it to the gate of the glow, flashed it like a VIP badge, and was quietly escorted away due to the orange alert. Okay, thought I, I'll go on this Hatter chap's mission while I wait.

Days later, I dragged my battered, bleeding, ghost-haunted carcass back to Hatter, slammed the urn down on his desk, and was rewarded with another totally useless VIP badge, which I proceeded to sell for unlimited lifetime access to ketchup packets from the junkmart. Figuring that enough time had passed since my adventure with the spookyhouse, I went back to the gate of the glow and found out that the orange alert was still in progress.

So, now I have no leads. No clue what to do. And my character is pretty much at the top of his game, fully kitted out with with the best supplies that illegal ID sales can buy. I could go roam the wilderness some more, but I already have free lunchtime buffets at the junkmart, and I stashed a sleeping bag in the trees outside of the city. I could pretty much live here indefinitely. Survival goal achieved.

Does anyone know where I should go after this to try and continue the main storyline?

Far as I can tell, that's the end of the "story" portion of the game. Go forth to explore and conduct experiments in the wild.

Thats the extent of the story line that I know as well. If you haven't checked out the cryo since you left you could trek back there, thats what I've been doing. But that gets a bit stale after you've done it a couple times. I'm really hoping we get a branch in the storyline before long that would really add to the replayability.

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay. Been tough keeping up with the recent forum activity.

The storyline isn't finished, so you've gone as far as possible in the beta for now. There's more story planned, as well as other side encounters, but they're pretty slow to make. Hopefully, we can get a few more ready in the near future, as folks seem to be voting in that direction on the features page.

So, more planned, just not there yet :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

This would be an opportune moment to point out that anyone who has paid for the beta version will automatically get updated as more content becomes available, and that EVERYONE should be buying the beta to help you kick out more material faster.

Feel free to send me my commission in the form of oreo cookies.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Excited for this!

Mmm, Oreos. Those are good with tea. Haven't had those in a while! (Been on a Pepperidge Farm Milano kick lately.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

After the Hatter, I usually get some night gogs and then travel back to the cryo lab and see how long I can live there before the stockade of bandit rifles begins to force me to make a return trip. Enjoy, relax... make some tannin tea and have a slice of artisanally prepared squirrel on cracker.

Man, you almost make me want to eat squirrel...

After you complete the "content" the burden of responsibility for entertaining yourself fall solely on your own shoulders.

I recommend scavenging as many backpacks as you can. Then fill them with poison berries & rotten squirrel meat. Then you leave them stashed throughout an area & see if you can start killing off raiders & dogmen through sheer trollery.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I myself was looking forward to the day we get an option to distract a dogman by throwing food at it just so I can throw it rotten squirrel meat and hope it poops itself to death.

Does that actually work?

it would be amazing to see a couple dead corpse just littered around an small area of hex near the forest lol

I have been playing this game for about 2 months and I finally made it to the glow and hatter hahaha what a mission. I really do enjoy this game and it seems truly unique to me for the amount of detail that is required survive (Baldur's Gate being what got me into PC games). So when I met hatter I used the tracking skill and I never got the mark on my map for the location of the hidden lake. Is it still possible to go searching for it and retrieve the silver urn?

Hi Petrie,

it is possible to still go to the hidden lake and retrieve the silver urn even if you did not accept the quest. I'm not sure what other use it has though other than selling it.

Ahhh for the sheer challenge and excitement of the quest hahaha. Thanks for the info tho sir I'm gunna have to try and bust a mission to get it now that I know it is possible.

ummm. i know this is not the place to ask this question, but i got banned from the megacity for 2 years ingame. Is there any way to get back in? thanks guys

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.

Not really, once you're out, you're out for good. Now, in the next update there will be change that would make the ban actually last for one in-game year, allowing the player to return inside the DMC after his time has passed. I am not sure, however, if this is going to work for the characters from previous builds - most likely it wont, so you would have to start a fresh character in the new version, once it is out.

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