NEO Scavenger on Desura!

Good news, everyone! Desura approved NEO Scavenger last night, and officially launched the game's page this morning!

IMAGE( NEO Scavenger's on Desura now!

As of today, it's now possible to buy NEO Scavenger via Desura's "Alpha Funding" service, The purchase lets you download the game either through their updater or as a stand-alone binary. Though it's currently Windows-only, until I can get a Linux and Mac box up and running here.

"Can I have a Desura Key?"

I think so!

When I asked, they assured me that I could grant keys to existing customers. And the process looks pretty straightforward. I've started working on a form that existing customers can use to request a Desura key, and once that's ready, you'll just have to complete the form and wait for Desura to email you.

I'm just about done building and testing it, and I'll try to get that activated tomorrow.

"Will You Still Be Updating the Version?"

Yep, I'm still going to be working on new versions for this site, just as before. The difference is that I'll now be uploading copies to both this website and Desura each new build. It's a bit more work, but it offers a different way for folks to get access to updates.

"Can Desura Customers Have Beta Access Here?"

I'm not sure yet. I'll have to see how orders with Desura work, and if it can be transferred to the order system here. If it looks like a ton of work, or lots of manual data-entry, then probably not.

However, if there's an elegant and/or automated way to do so, then I'll try to do that.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, the whirlwind of Desura activity, plus updating accounts to allow for Desura keys, has pretty much consumed my whole day. As such, I wasn't able to work on the new build today. (Boo!)

Hopefully, once the Desura request form is off and running, I should be able to get back into the code, and get you guys an update. Hang in there!


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Fantastic! Been hoping for a standalone version.

If possible, paste the patch notes in with the Desura updates. A lot of Alphafunders just don't bother, and it makes it quite a chore to figure out/test any new features.

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Thanks guys!

For updates on Desura, I'll cross-post the same news I do here when new versions are available. I'll be sure to add changelog info to the uploaded file as well.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Congrats ! Very awesome to read this ! :)