Just general forum post ideas!

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Just general forum post ideas!

Some of my toughts what i think needs to be added when youre making a new font:1. Custom smileys from the game (Low priority as this really is just a cosmetic option, but getting some smileys like a small bandit or the face of the Avatar you play as)2. Spoiler button: (Pretty high as im sure people want to see what has been posted but dont want any spoilers)3. A nicer not word ripped body changer like FAT CURVED and so on (again low priority but it gives the forums a nice touch)4. Make the "Last post" move a little to the left so you actually know what has been posted as for now theres a lot of posts that starts with "The..."     so its hard to know if anything new has actually been posted! (Medium priority its pretty calm on the forums for now)5. A "View" count on the posts, just for general bragging rights and so on (Meh priority not really needed, but most forums got em)6. When getting a mail about someone answered your post it says "-Tue, 03/13/2012 - 08:34 XXX [1] Offline Joined: 03/13/2012 Email[2] Send PM [3]" - thats not really needed.7. A "Gamehelp" topic, wont cluster up the suggestion as much.Will edit on if i notice anything that could be added *smiling smiley*


8 A PM button so you can see if you got any PMs or not!


I'd like to see:9.  button for new replies to threads you've posted in.10.  button for unread threads with recent activity.The recent threads button might be redundant since you can see the number of unread threads in each category as it is.


Hey guys!Good points! Some of these were pretty quick to add/change, so I went ahead and did them.

  • "Last Post" now shows more text, so it's easier to read.
  • Email notifications now show username and text of their comment. Hopefully, this also removes the "Date xyz, Offline, Joined..." text you mention.
  • I added a "General Discussion" forum per a suggestion from another thread. If you think it is still helpful to have a separate Game Help thread, it's easy to setup. Let me know.
  • "Message" link added to main links area, so you can see your PMs!
  • @oyog, if you click on "My Account"->"Track" does that show you what you are looking for, regarding new replies to your threads?
  • Also, for the unread threads with recent activity, I tried clicking on the "41 new" link alongside a thread, which I think filters only the new threads. Is that what you meant?

Better text formatting and spoiler tags make sense too, it just takes longer to find a good solution and set it up. It's on my list, it'll just take some time.Thanks!

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Awesome! Just noticed some changes in the forum and got to tell you that i love them! Nice work mate, this is starting to look good! :D


Oops, I hadn't noticed the "41 new" was a link or using track through My account.  Both work fine.


This is all new to me so don't poo poo on me, but some kind of leveling system determined by interactions would be cool. Maybe you could learn new traits with practice. Like the game, but my first three play-throughs ended with me dying within 10 minutes. I get the rouge-like, but maybe balance some traits, it seems to me that hiding is a take every time.

this is indeed a disturbing universe.

You're definitely not alone in wanting a way to grow the character over time. It's something I'm interested in too, since pen and paper RPGs were a big inspiration for making NEO Scavenger.

Also, you may be interested in this post about character builds. In it, people are sharing builds and strategies. Hiding is in many of them, but there are some getting by without.

Glad you're enjoying NEO Scavenger so far, and hopefully, the game gets more balanced over time!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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All I want is a "quote" function. The rest is blue-sky.

You can quote and do other text formatting. Look links below editing window.

[quote]It is possible to quote something that has already been posted, by just putting [notag]

[/notag] tags around it. To quote a specific person, use something like [notag]


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Okay thanks... a few things:

The ability to "delete" one's own post would be really helpful too.

The "time-out" for posts affects post-edits as well, which is unfortunate because the time-out gets bigger the more you try to edit. If you click edit a couple of times it will make you wait several hours before you can edit your post. So this could possible be adjusted.

The "time-out" should actually be a static amount of time for post edits (like 30s).

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