Random heatstroke

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Random heatstroke

Just died from organ failure due to overheating.

After experiencing overheating before which forced me to dump out the sleeping bag from a campsite,
this time I was absolutely clueless on what to do. After getting naked and dancing in the rain didn't help
I horribly died from spontaneous combustion.

Before this happened, I had trouble getting my char to sleep.
Anyone experienced this before?

Hey Jaden,

Dang that sounds worse than the time my character shit himself to death. Did you take the insomniac trait? Did you have medic? I've never had this happen but I got a bad case of heat exhaustion from drinking soda after allready being dehydrated. Did you have a serious infection and drinking soda? Did you take any antibiotics cause they seem to be acting buggy for me at times. Someone else was saying the medical stuf is a bit whacked out right now so it may of been just that. Just wondering but did you get scratched by the dogman and was healing up from that?

I just got that too. Same trouble sleeping, then my temperature just skyrocketed regardless of what I did. I had no infection or anything, I spent the entire time I was dying trying to treat it and ended up dying anyway. I had Medic and Tough tagged, if it makes a difference.

Do you recall if you had any illnesses or infections? There aren't many things in the game that cause overheating, but sickness is a tricky one. Sickness will narrow the range of comfortable temperatures, making it easy to both shiver and sweat, requiring constant temperature regulation. The shivering and sweating also makes it hard to sleep.

I don't think there are any fevers which should cause organ failure, though, unless other factors were combining with it. If you ever run into this again, and have a save game copy, I'd be interested in seeing it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I had the same thing, my characters sleep bar was in the red and he still had trouble falling asleep, and was overheating despite having nothing on in the rain. He'd got a bit bruised by a raider early on but everything had healed up fine before the overheating problems started. No other visible infections and well fed and watered. If it happens again I'll be sure to keep my save, shame I hadn't read this thread beforehand.

It sounds like the game is incorrectly identifying a fever with overheating, which is not the same thing.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

The same thing has been experienced by me. No bruises, established camping site.
No fever. Perfect health. Well fed and not thirsty. After I nursed me back to
health from that dogman. ;)

My char had no problems getting to sleep over the game. It started out of a sudden,
and I wasn't able to sleep till I died of overheating.

In my current save everything seems to be fine. But I could backup it out of it's folder,
just for the case it should occur again. That means, if this would work, if I did this.

it have happen to me in 9.51 try to sleep but can't over heating even naked in the rain and die after 3 day of overheating /no sleep

Corn-A-Cola causes instant heat exhaustion, in addition to acting like a Shot of "No-Doze."

You didn't happen to drink a whole bunch of the stuff, thinking it was water, did you? That might be sufficient to trigger organ failure. I know you can shake off the effects of one pretty easily if you're decently fed & hydrated. But if you're in dire straights, this might be enough to kill you on the spot.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Speaking for me, I didn't touch of one these in the entire play-through.
Only purified water from water bottles. I like to see my liquids. ;)

I'm really not sure what to think about this. I wear 3 tee shirts & a hoodie all the time. I wore a squirrel tunic on top of that in the one play-through where I found one (I never have the patience to hang on to 4 stacks of pelts).

It sounds like the common denominator here is over-sleeping. If you attempt to sleep more than you need to, the game seems to think you're working hard. You tend to get tired from sleeping too much, and it could be you're building up heat.

So apparently the safety tip for the day is to never sleep past the point where your sleep bar is recharged. If you need something to do, use the "Rest & Heal" button instead. Otherwise, you too could be a victim of sleep-induced spontaneous combustion.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

I haven't been able to re-create any of my Overheating bugs from previous builds (of course it doesn't help I'm being killed by Dogmen during half my test runs and have to start over XD).

The only other time I've ever suffered massive heatstroke has been from fixing the heating vent in the Cryo building and being unable to turn it off, and apparently melted inside my sleeping bag when I couldn't interrupt the overnight cycle and died. I haven't tested that yet on this current build, but I can probably kill myself doing it again easily enough. :P

This alone is a great story of a remarkable death. The unique ways of premature deaths never cease to amaze me. :)

I'd better go add it to my story thread then, before it gets lost. Figured I'd just maintain one post over int he story forum so I didn't flood the forums with my unusual experiences. ;p

Until this happened I was wearing 3 t-shirts and a hoodie all the time too. I'm wearing
it in this play-through again too. I haven't stumbled over squirrel tunic yet and wasn't
motivated yet to make a character build that has the ability. Patience be thy name! it is
for me too in this regard.

I can't remember how much my character slept before this happened. That's an interesting
thought. I will have an eye on that. "Sleep-induced spontaneous combustion" would be a
great inscription for a random event card. That made me chuckle. Together with my brain
directly painting a picture to that.

Looks like this is a bug in the load game code. I've updated the thread in tech support with more info.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games