Cyro Shenanigans

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Cyro Shenanigans

Being an engineering student, staying in the Cyro Lab seemed perfect. With some junk I found laying on the hills nearby and in some of the deserted cities, plus a tarp and a "borrowed" knife-of-all-trades. I had myself a cozy little place, I thought. A week passed by before I suffered a nasty run-in with a dogman, luckily I had found a rifle with some bullets and was able to take him down with three bullets and some rifle butting. Wounded from a final attempt at my life, I tore apart an old shirt way past its hay-day and began to create some bandaging, sterilizing it of course.

I decided to sterilize enough gauze for a small army, but my water supplies were low. There was a river nearby, luckily, and I gathered all my old water and Corn-a-Cola bottles in my spare bag and headed off. It was barely half a day before I returned, and I noticed my camp had been ransacked by some thieves. They took most everything of value, but one thing struck me as odd as I looked through the damages.

My fire was missing.

I looked through my campsite, seeing if there was some ash left over, wondering how a large fire could go out so quickly.

There was no ash.

Someone stole my goddamn fire.

What do you mean I "couldn't possibly need fifteen lighters"?


flying pie with a big sword

that sounds like the worst dare ever
"hey dude, i bet you can totally steal that guy's fire. yeah, that GIANT BALL OF FLAME."

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.

Oh my god, this made me start cracking up! XD
I bet they stole an entire cryo tube as well!


another dumb question: once you got back, how do you get the water out of the bottles so you can boil it/make rags? i simply cannot figure it out.

go forth

Take the bottle into your hand, it opens the container and you can move the water into the crafting area to combine with fire, metal pot and rags :)

thanks Aerouge. that was getting irritating

go forth

I had no idea. Thanks for the tip!

Make sense, not war.

I just managed to fix the lighting and the heating system in the Cryo Lab. Awesomest Shelter ever... if only we could leave the doors locked when heading out... Damn looters.

Pew pew pew!

hay a camp fire "proceeds to pick it up with bare hands and puts in pocket".


It's sorta strange that no one looted the cyro labs while you were in the tank, yet if you leave for a few days looters are guaranteed. Do you think they saw you helpless there and decided it's best to leave you alone?

In fact, why didn't that dogman just see you there and decide to break the tank and eat you? So many questions...

It's possible that looters don't care about humanoid, barely recognizable shapes in giant tubes. As for dogman, I believe it was alarmed by player character's emergence.

As if the scavs wouldn't eat you, or the dogmen for that matter.
It was alarmed by your emergence but it set up it's lair there, you'd think it'd eat the humanoid shapes in the tanks before it went after whatever was around the cyro labs.