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Just wanted to say how much fun I'm having lol. OK so once you have an infected wound the only thing to fix it fast is wiskey. Is that right? And does N e one know how long it takes for antibiotics to kick in and start turning the tables? Also I'm not getting "immune system boost" message in med tab everytime I take a antibiotic is that normal if its still in the same turn? I took half a bottle of em and watched my squirrel ninja die from infection.

Also There is something very strange going on with the game after you have had an area of the map visible for a long period. When i left the cryo everything was normal enough. I went to the glow and decided after a while to head back to the cryo but things were much different. The small town I initially found some clothes in had turned into a busy metropolis. In one hex there were 3 sheds, 4 abandoned office buildings, 4 ruined apartment buildings, and 5 or 6 other appartment buildings that were not in ruin. This happened in the woods a couple of times too, where there would be like 15 groups of trees to scavenge and 5 sheds.

N e ways any body have advice for fighting infection?

Yeah, funny thing this game.

You should treat infected wound with purified water, taning tea or whiskey (better dring this one) for antibiotics to do any good. I guess every turn with an open wound has a probability of infecting it. So use clean bandages to protect it after cleansing.

I wrote earlier about wild scavenge site spawn in this post. I guess it's a bug. And I guess it has something to do with lesser mob spawn too.

P.S.: Medical system is buggy. Try to save/loading your game to clean some bugs. That've helped me to fight insomnia in-game.

AHH yep my screen looked alot like that post of yours where the woods and sheds fill the whole encounter screen or whatever. Yeah im doing all of the known things to fight off infection like using purified water and clean bandages. So is it like this then: you become infected or get an infection you take antibiotics. theres a chance the antibiotics may work. end turn. infection remains take antibiotics same chance it will work as on the turn before. So even if you take a whole bottle of em its still the same odds every time you hit end turn? That makes sense I guess but not the way I was imagining it and that may have been why it turned out the way it did. Cause there was a few times where I took a couple of them in one turn to try and beat the odds or make them better. I finaly hit rest/heal to see if the antibiotics would kick in and thats when I took the dirt nap. Also it was a scratch from dogman i dont know if that is a worse than average infection that you might get from dirty water or bandages?

ps thanks by the way i didnt know the medical stuff was buggy that would explain it better than anything i can think of

Antibiotics dont stack its effect. Best effect is tanning tea + 1 pill. Effect continues more than one turn. Immune system restores lowly, it'll fight off infection only when strong enough. Cold slows down immune system restoration. Make yourself warm, fed and well- watered. And rest.

I was able to fight off sepsis. That was some adventure!

P.S.:There's a topic about infection and antibiotics on this page with some developers answers.

Thanks Ikor,

Yeah I was just reading that . I forgot taking 1 pill is the same as taking 4. Do you think it being a scratch from the dogman has n e thing to do with it? I fought off sepsis once with wiskey and it was immediate.

I don't know really. But I'd like it to has something to do with the infection. Tell me if your character will start waking up in the middle of a night and howl at the moon. =)

About sepsis... Well, it could be I was fighting bugs not sepsis really. Still it was fun =)

Yeah no kidding. LMAO!!

I wish the medic and the botanist could make tannin tea. I dont wanna take botany cause there isnt much benifit to it IMO. But I guess my next guy Ill pick up botany at least untill this medical stuff is cleared up.

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to chime in and provide a hint or two :)

It sounds like you figured out the pills. They don't stack, so only one is needed. However, they should always work. If you take them and nothing happens, that may be a bug.

Whiskey is actually an excellent topical antiseptic. If you apply whiskey directly to a wound, it's better than almost anything else for infected wounds. Tannin tea is good too.

Drinking whiskey, on the other hand, may actually hurt your recovery. It's a great painkiller, but being drunk is bad for fighting off an infection :)

And Ikor's suggestion to stay well-fed, hydrated, warm, and rest is good advice. The game slows down immune system recovery for each of those stats that is below healthy. The game also gives you a slight bonus if you're resting, and even more if you're sleeping.

Finally, the location you choose to rest in can make a difference: sleeping out in the woods isn't as helpful as being in a storage facility with walls and a roof!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I've had a very low rate of success with antibiotics. 95% of my deaths are from entering total inflammatory states after a dogman nicks my arm. I use clean bandages and start popping antibiotics right away, as soon as I'm wounded, regardless of whether I think it's going to get infected. Sometimes it works and no infection develops, and sometimes the cut becomes more and more infected no matter what I do to it. I've hunkered down in a fully statted out cryo facility, popped pills and rested for days, with everything bandaged and my hunger and thirst meters carefully maintained, and still gone into an unrecoverable total inflammatory state. I guess it's realistic, but man. I'm going to have to start hoarding whiskey to disinfect my dogman wounds with.

Hey Kumada,

I think it may be a bug I remember Dan said atibiotics should work evertime just by taking one. On the other hand it seems like dogman cuts maybe more serious than your average scrape. I've been sure to pick up every drop of wiskey i come accros also. My personal expereince is wiskey is more rare than antibiotic pills. Good luck!!

Hey kumada,

Don't forget that you can also disinfect wounds topically with purified water and/or tannin tea. Whiskey is a precious resource, and is the most effective topical disinfectant right now, but it's hard to find!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games