Squirrel Spoiling

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Squirrel Spoiling

Having played 5-6 hours so far, I find that squirrels tend to spoil rapidly. Most of then time they last long enough to; trap, get to camp, make a fire, skin and cook (3-4 turn). However, they often spoil in just 1-2 turn. I even had one squirrel spoil the instant I skinned it (spoiled before skinning? diseased?). It seems like I'm losing 10-20% of my catch. Is this just me or are other people having this issue?

Solved my own problem. Squirrels, like almost every other item, degrade over time. When caught, many squirrels have 20% or less condition left and will degrade quickly. Thankfully after a state change, like skinning, all new items start a 100% condition. So now I just do my skinning directly after trapping.

First time posting. Just saw this on Greenlight and bought it instantly, been wanting a game like this sense 'Wilderness: A Survival Adventure' back in the 80s.

Ahh good. I have been wondering the same when playing a Trapping heavy character. But I'm glad to see there is a solution out there. :)

You can cure your squirrels also and they last for days!!

How? I remember seeing the recipe for it and it involved the meet, don't remember if cooked or uncooked, and ash. I tried several things with no luck.

Cured squirrel

Spoiler: Highlight to view
in the crafting box: Fire, medium sized branch, Trapping ability/skill, Raw squirrel meat, Hand full of ashes

Cool, glad to hear you discovered a solution! And that you're enjoying it so much thus far!

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