Demo / Beta same difficulty ?

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Demo / Beta same difficulty ?

Hello all,

I discovered the game via Steam, and it seems really great. So I deciced to try the demo... But the game is really frustrating...

I try several games, but I always get the same results => Get killed at my first fight.

My 3 or 4 first times, I do the character i want : I take some usefull skill (Medic, Hiding, Tracking and Botany), and no fight skills... I lost every fight.

I do a last try with Tough and melee, and get killed by a unarmed looter (I have a meat cleaver ^^).

Do I miss something ?

Perhaps, a post it with tips for a "easy" first game should be great. It should permit to "learn to play" this game. It really seem amazing, but for now it's only frustrating ;)


Well, the game combat right now is very much about combat strategy. Analyze your opponents' current condition, and your condition to see how to make your next move.
My fights usually end up something like:

(If available headbutt or create obstacle, or kick.)

--Kicking makes the next move automatically succeed. Best to combo Kick -> Attack flurry but ONLY when the opponent is weak. Otherwise you're vulnerable for a move)

You can kick if the opponent is fallen, and vulnerable.

Dodging and Parrying can really save you. Also, ONLY ATTACK when the opponent is vulnerable, unconscious, near death, or fallen. It increases your chances to not miss!

Don't chase after the opponent if they begin to run, and they attacked you first. Unless you WANT to kill them, don't.

Raiders and Bandits will always be aggressive, and have different skins than looters. Looters are attracted mainly in scavenging, and if they run off, they won't turn back to try to kill you again. Only Bandits and Looters do.

If the opponent is fallen, and you're vulnerable while near them, they will attempt to pull you down with them. Same vice-versa. You can pull down the opponent if they are vulnerable and near you, and you're fallen.

When attacking dogmen, RUN. I haven't been able to kill a dogman once yet, without dying sub-sequentially from the wounds inflicted. They aren't worth your time.

If you have a tougher status than the attacker, and you threaten, they mostly will flee. Note that the bandits and raiders will follow you and attack you again, afterwards. Looters mostly will not.
(Edit: Tougher status as in a better weapon, or better skills. [Melee, tough, and strong all vary the combat status])

That is all I have for now. Hope you enjoy! :D


"Raiders and Bandits will always be aggressive, and have different skins than looters. Looters are attracted mainly in scavenging, and if they run off, they won't turn back to try to kill you again. Only Bandits and Looters do."

flying pie with a big sword

Here's a decent initial strategy: DONT FIGHT. Its brutal out there. It's just like real life, your best bet is usually to avoid it at all costs. Failing that try this: Compare weapons. If you have nothing (except your punches) and they have any sort of weapon, you should be running. Try desperate retreat, retreat, etc. Get out of there. If you are trying to punch a dude with a crowbar you're going to have a bad time. Hell, even if they only have their fists too, why fight this fight? You guys are just gonna mess eachother up and get nothing from it. Run. Now if you have a weapon and they have nothing, you might want to start actually attacking. If you want to survive though, avoid fights as much as possible until you have a gun. I basically run from all fights that I'm not very confident I can win. Better to survive another day.

If you survive combat, congrats! Now you need to heal up. Clean your wounds with purified water or whiskey. Apply clean bandages. Rest up, get better. Rinse, repeat.

Coconutsales and MrMakeveli both have really good tips here. Generally, combat in NEO Scavenger is meant to be a bad idea. Unless you really know what you're doing, and have the right tools, it's not a good idea to fight. Retreating is usually the safest idea.

Some tips for retreating:
You have a higher chance the further you are from all opponents. If the opponent has a ranged weapon, the chance of retreating is lower until you are out of his range.

Usually 5-6 range bands away is a successful retreat.

Also, if you have athletic, you can run on rough terrain without tripping as much. You might get lucky and increase your range if you run and your opponent trips. The same is true if you can trip them, or use something to knock them down (head-butt, trip, throw debris, lure, etc.).

Finally, a full-combat build is also possible. Mixing strong, melee, tough, and a wrench can really mess someone up. Though, you'll still have to deal with the wounds you get :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I just came back to the game (demo only; unfortunately, I can't afford my upgrade courses and I can't afford to join the beta) and discovered that you updated the demo quite a lot. It looks good. Makes me jealous that I can't get in on the beta yet. Keep up the excellent work (oh, and combat is tough... I ended up attacked by a dogman I never saw once, we fought for days and eventually I died when my only option was to fight).


Alternately, try this build.

Combat in this game is terrifying, especially if you load yourself up with 'practical skills'. Honestly, if you're going to be some sort of post-nuclear mechanic/herbologist, you should be running and hiding rather than fighting anyway.

My approach is completely ignore subtlety and build Bruce Lee.




-Athletics or Eagle Eyes

Use athletics or eagle eyes to defuse the situation in the cryo facility, get the medkit there asap. Go directly to a house, shack, or city and search with strong until you get a weapon of some sort (I started with a saucepan, and waved it around at raiders until they ran away.) Avoid fights until you get a cleaver. Build up supplies at your cryo facility camp. Honestly, don't worry too much about upgrading it, since you can get similar benefits with a fire and a good sleeping bag. Never fight dogmen if you can avoid it. You'll walk away, at best, with about a million infected lacerations. Do fight raiders, especially if they have something you want (like a crowbar.) When fighting, do your best to get first blood. Passive damage is the best damage in this game. Also, getting an opponent on the ground while you're standing typically means that the fight is effectively over. Kick if you have the option, and use attacks like trip and headbutt when available (except against dogmen, who will just drag you down to the ground and gnaw off your spleen.) Combat is less about raw damage and more about gaining an advantageous position.

Hopefully this will help. It is a brutally hard game your first couple tries, but it has a good learning curve.

Hello all,

Thanks for your answers.

I played a couple more time. Thanks all for your tips.

I start to know how to play, and finally installed a nice camp in the cryo facility for now (with river close to it, few houses around). The first real step was to find a lighter. Once we get one, a lot of thing are easier : fire => Purified water, clear rags, and so on.

It is a easy way to purify water with fire ? I have water in bottle, and don't find how to separate them easily (I put the bottle in hand then I take the water to put it in a camp). 3 each time, when you have 9 bottles, it's really boring.

It is possible to organize the inventory automatically ? (i mean item on the floor). When a Hex get several place to scavenge, something you get a lot of item, and an automatic organization could help.

The night come, I should go back to my cryo facility.

See you around.


Hey Umbriel,

You may already know this, the first time in game you purify one, two, or three bottles of water it adds a known recipe for you on the far right. If tou enable your take/drop cursor and click once on the three bottles recipe it will automatically stick everyhting you need in the carfting area and you just press confirm.

I dont know of any kind of short cut to organize the inventory, the delete tool is nice and its basically free. Hoope this helps. Good luck at the cryo!!

You're right !! I forgot the recipies :D my bad :p

For the organization, a button which organize items by type, or stack every identical items (perhaps there is one, I just don't find it, neither look for ^^).

Bad ending... Surprised by night and get killed by a dogman one the way back :s

That's a bummer. Especially after having gone through the trouble of setting up a decent camp. Suggets your idea, I'd vote for it!!