Greenlight Update, Article, and OOO

Thanks everyone for your support so far! NEO Scavenger's Greenlight campaign has had over 8000 visitors to date, a 77% approval rating, and the "caluclated ratings" ticked up from 0% to 1% this morning!

1% may not sound like a lot, but even heavy hitters like Project Zomboid, with over 100k visitors, have 8%. So not too shabby!

And it's a thrill to see you guys show up in the comments on the page, vouching for the beta and demo so far. You guys got my back. Thanks!

NEO Scavenger Article

Also, Sam Price just published a NEO Scavenger piece at his blog, EntryNode. It offers a well-written, comprehensive look at what makes NEO Scavenger tick. And it's thick with praise.

Thanks Sam!

Out of Office

Finally, I just wanted to let everyone know I'll be out of the office for a few days, starting this morning. I'll have my laptop with me, and I'll try to keep an eye on things in case there's a crisis. The current build has a few bugs, but hopefully it can survive the weekend, until I'm back (likely on Sunday).

If anything urgent comes up, feel free to email me, and I'll do my best to resolve the issue.

Otherwise, have a great weekend, and I'll catch you when I return!