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Hey Guys!

The missing stack stuff definitely sniffs of a crafting bug that's fixed in 0.965. It had to do with crafting output that included stacks, when those stacks matched other items already on the ground/camp.

I'll keep my eye out for the mis-drawing and quick recipe "wrong page" bugs, too. I wasn't able to make them happen in 0.965, so it's possible they are related to some of the fixes in 0.965. But there may also be a trick to making them happen.

Thanks again for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Bug, clean rags on a wound dont get dirty

Hi, I just started playing a few hours ago, and love the game! However, when I escaped to save the file to take a break, I came back and discovered the game didn't save at all. I remember allowing it to save, and when I went to reload there was a black screen the first time. Now, I can start a new game, but there is no save file apparently. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a freak accident, but wanted you to know. I'm using the desktop version, stretched,1360x768. I'm also getting the campsite bug where I drop items and they randomly are floating around the menu area or over my player.

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Just to make sure, as it may be a cause at times: Did you check whether you have some scheduled cookies etc cleaning or some software running to clean system in general? If I recall correctly, the way Neo Scavenger handles saves makes them mixed with common internet temporary files trash and it all often gets cleaned out in a bulk.

@guy1toBdude, I'll check that out, thanks!

@lady of light, thanks, glad to hear you're enjoying it so far! You mention a black screen the first time. Do you mean that you clicked load, and got a black screen? Loading large save files can sometimes take several seconds, though it shouldn't be completely black as it loads (fades in from black).

The other thing you can do is to verify that the save games are being created correctly. You can find info on where saves are located here. I would try starting a game with that folder visible, to see if a savegame file is created when you save the game. If not, it could be a different folder, or there's a setting in Flash disallowing local saves (more info on how to change this per-site, or for all sites).

If the file is being created, the other thing to check is if it's being deleted as Scavenger suggests above, via some cookie cleaning process. Some browsers and other software will clean all Flash sharedobject files when the browser closes, or periodically. If that's the case, you'll have to decide if it's worth disabling for save games :)

You can also try uploading your save file someplace, and linking to it here. I can try opening it to see if there's bad data in there, which might result in a black screen.

As for the items randomly floating around the menu and over the player, I wonder if this is a memory-related issue. I noticed recently that the 1360x768 version uses lots of ram compared to the other resolutions. How much ram does your machine have?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks so much for the help guys! :)

I started a new save game today, and it seems to be working fine. I have cc cleaner, but it doesn't delete stuff without my permission. I think something happened on my computer's end, because I checked the save file like you suggested, and it's all there and in working order at the moment. If something happens and it disappears again I'll let you know. The black screen started when I clicked load; the toolbar at the top was still visible but everything else was black. I finally just ctrl-alt-del so that could have been what ate my save file. As for my computer, I use an Acer Aspire, 4gb ram, i3 processor.

Thanks so much for the effort you're putting into this game, it is awesome to be a part of Scavenger's development and watch it grow!

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Hi guys,

I've came across a rather useful bug, which haven't been reported yet, I believe. If you go to the market near the Glow, and have less than 3000$, you can get the bracelet for free. You just need to drop sth. (e.g. ketchup) on the one located on the market (ground), and you will automatically pick it up. You can repeat it a couple of times if you keep returning to the market after a day or so (easy way to get 6000$+ for surgeries)


During after-eating text on the Cadillac Burger grammatical error "Soldiers are take shelter from..."

Got it! Nice catch!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games


During character creation i picked all the negative perks and filled all the open slot. Gone to DMC and found out I can only have my eye augmented and cant upgrade other two upgrades to my eyes?

I found a bug with the new mobs. everytime i kill melonhead it will not let you out of the battle screen. your stuck staring at two empty combat boxs and confirm does nothing. then when i log and re log melonhead is alive and running.

Yea son!!!!!!!!!!


I've compiled a bunch of stuff I've run into so far. Thanks for an entertaining game :)

Neo Scavenger bugs

Especially the noise maker can sometimes be impossible to make via recipe. I think it's caused when the can is being used as a container. This might have been a crash cause...

The tiny fire made by lighter and newspaper don't work. It only accepts sticks and lighter.

Crafting crashes the game once in a while. I haven't been able to figure out why...

I've used mechanics to fix the heater in the cryo tank - and now whereever I go, the status says I'm heated by it.

Scavenging in an area where there's already a lot of stuff lying around is useless. For some reason there's no "page 2" of stuff on the ground. If you drop something that's too big for the ground, it disappears, which has lost me rifles, tarps, sleeping bags etc. before I began to consistently avoid it. There should be several pages, like in crafting.

Crashing... I can't see a log of it anywhere, but the game has a tendency to crash after a few hours. The UI goes all screwy for a while before the game closes down.

Saving... There should be an autosave function. For one it protects you against crashing. I've been set back several times by now due to crashes or the game not saving properly.

Zom Zom's - I was thrown into the pit to fight a robot, I had mechanics and used it, but there was no consequence from it? I didn't die, I just went back to the map like nothing happened?

Along the same line as above: There was an event with someone trashing around in water. I decided to dive in and drag them out, but the only result I got from it was "shivering". No explanation.

@indeleta, I think I saw your other post about that, and I'll look into it. I think it's a case of the game not checking for open slots in the second column of traits.

@Sonsofasgard, I've heard a few folks mention the game getting wonky after creatures enter an existing battle with the player (esp. melonheads), so I'll give it a look!

@Leslac, I actually wonder if many of your listed bugs might be related to the same thing. The "crash after a few hours" definitely sounds related to the memory leak thing I'm working on. The crafting crashes might, too.

The newspaper is actually something that should be fixed when the crafting overhaul is complete. Basically, the newspapers had to be changed so each headline was a separate item ID, and the recipes involving "generic newspaper" stopped working.

The ground running out of room is an issue, too. Ideally, I'd have pages for ground like I do for crafting, I just haven't had a chance to build that yet.

Thanks for the bug tips, all!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

HI, so I just started playing and love the game but I have run into several issues.

I've run into alot of the problems mentioned so far, especially the too much stuff on ground and melonhead issurs. Also I am now in a situation where I cannot load the game in browser anymore. It goes through loading screens normally but then just shows a black screen while playing the main menu music. Im running firefox browser if relevant.

Hey scmrph,

I'm working on fixes for some of the issues mentioned here, and I hope to have a new build ready soon.

As for the loading issue, do you mean that you are unable to play the game at all? Or are you just unable to load a saved game?

If it's the former, I just tested the beta in Firefox here, and was able to start a game normally. So I think the game itself works in Firefox.

One thing which comes to mind is that your resolution could be set to something too large for the plugin window, and you're seeing the black borders around the game, instead of the game itself. You can try loading the "stretchy" version of the browser game, in the link directly above the embedded website version. (Also linked here, for convenience.) The "stretchy" version should be able to fit the whole screen, perhaps allowing you to see more of the game, if that was the issue.

Alternately, you can try clearing the sharedobjects (cookies) for the game, to reset the graphics preferences. The sharedobbjects are located in the same place as the save game file (also a sharedobject). This link describes how to find those files on your machine. The nsSGv1.sol is your save game (if applicable), and nsPrefsv1.sol is your preferences (mute, graphics settings, etc.). If you delete nsPrefsv1.sol, your game should revert to 800x450, which should fit normally in the browser plugin area.

If this is a problem with the save file, there might not be much I can do to fix it (i.e. it might've become corrupted if the game was saved with an active bug). However, if you upload it somewhere, and link to it here, I can try downloading it to test it out. If nothing else, I might find a new bug that needs fixing, and help others avoid the issue in the future.

Let me know if any of the above helps, or if you need additional info.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The "crash a few hours in" may still be in the new build. I looked through the last few posts but i dont know if anyone else is still having the issue too. But same as it was in the last build, middle of a fight. I select a option and click confirm but it dose nothing. So i try to take the option out to try a new one, nothing. So i exit and save only to load and die of bleeding in the lungs when i had no wounds before saving. Hope this helps.

Hey Rendace,

Which version number and timestamp was on the build you were using? Also, was it the browser version, or a downloadable one? It sounds like I'll have to do some more testing, in any case.

If you ever suspect this situation is about to happen again (e.g. battle is stuck, and you decide to save/reload), would you mind grabbing a copy of the save before reloading? If it does crash after that, perhaps I can try loading it here to see if any clues are in the data.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

More than willing to help.
v0.969b 4/22/2013 and it was a downloaded version
I will keep a eye out if it happens again.