Steam Greenlight!

Hey Folks!

I've just uploaded NEO Scavenger's info to Steam's new Greenlight program!


Greenlight is Steam's new way of accepting indie games to be sold. Rather than requiring Valve's employees to review every submission, they let indies put their game up for voting, and Steam members cast votes on whether they think it's a good fit or not.

So if you're a Steam member, and you think NEO Scavenger would be a good fit for Steam, cast your vote now!

And if you know anyone else who might also want to see it on Steam, pass it on!

Thanks guys!


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Will this be an air application if you get on steam?

I would recommend air but, as an air/flash developer I may be biased. Major pros: it's relatively easy to auto-update your game, have full access to the file-system(don't have to embed all your files) and most importantly: you can really easily create ios and android versions. You can even include the air runtime with the installer so you don't have to install air manually.

Other things: Right mouse button. In flash player ccleaner or other internet cache clearers may delete save games(seen it happen to N-game).
Creeper World and Defenders Quest used air succesfully, although they have yet to make to steam.

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Thanks man!

I'm actually not sure yet. I did quite a bit of research, but haven't been 100% happy with the results. The straight projector works well enough, and is probably the easiest. It also produces a single executable file, no installation needed. The down-side is relying on SharedObjects that the browser can clear if not careful, plus no local file access for modding down the road.

I produced an Air build, and that worked about just as well as the projector. The SharedObjects are safe from browser clearing, and it can do some local sandboxy stuff to boot. But the install process is pretty ugly (plus lots of metafiles).

Six one way, half dozen the other, so far :)

I also haven't seen yet how performance holds up on other platforms. My only Linux box is archaic, so it runs at 9-10fps as a projector. Though, even the webpage/flash plugin version is 9-10fps, so it's probably the laptop.

More testing needed, I guess!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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At least you're early, lets hope it pans out.

Air install is indeed a bit messy. I also have no idea how something like steam would install it silently, or does it just copies the installed files?

You could also make your own wrapper, but that would require some c++ knowledge and isn't easy at all ;).

Btw, if you want to have steamworks/achievements/cloud, you probably need a native extension or c++ wrapper. I did find a steamworks native extension on git, quick search will get you there. But native extensions are air only of course:/.

Difficult decisions. Well, lets get accepted on steam first;).

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Yeah, Steam integration is a whole different ball game. Not sure what the preferred route there is, though there are at least a few Flash-based titles in their library, so maybe there are some best practices I could follow.

Or maybe I need to take a month and port it to HaXe?

But yes, one thing at a time. First, we need a boatload of votes :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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