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Stuck on a loop


Well, I have this character I won't give up, but right now I'm stuck on this battle/recover/treat infection loop that is becoming annoying.

I have set a nice camp on a forest shack, but it seems that an army of dogman and looters/bandits are camping nearby, cause everytime there's enemies rading my camp, I can't breath.

And it's becoming annoying.

I have a fight, than I need to treat my wounds. Tannin tea for infection cleaning and for drinking. Scavanging nearby forest for water/food. Alright. When I'm ready to go, BAM! Another raid by a dogman or looter, noooooo! Everything again... I just can't go away from this place, so many enemies.

Is there parts of the map that have more enemies??? Is there a part of the map wich is more calm?? haha

I think the game need some more balancing a bit more less enemies, and make some of them not agressive, but friendly.

Hey pointsource,

That sounds like a tricky situation! To answer your question, monsters appear fairly equally across the whole map. However, they tend to appear where you are more than where you're not, so if you're in one place for a long time, more will start appearing there.

One place that can be safer than others is the Junk Market, near the DMC. AI will avoid stepping on that hex, so you're pretty safe while you're there.

Alternatively, moving to a new camp might help. You can use hide, hide tracks, and run to try and slip by monsters, and maybe setup someplace a little quieter.

Some creatures will run away if they see you're a hard target, so having certain skills and items helps too. (Especially for Looters, who are cowardly).

Finally, creatures of different types will fight each other, so you can also try to play one against the other. This is tricky, though. Staying out of sight is one way. Or you can try to appear less threatening, so the creatures focus on each other, rather than you.

Friendly NPCs are a good idea, they're just a lot of work :) I have them on my list, though, in case my schedule allows it.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games