My Limber Character

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My Limber Character

So I generally read through the attack log in game because I like to visualize whats happening in my head. Well, when I went to headbutt a bandit, I hit it's left leg. And I just couldn't stop laughing trying to imagine me headbutting someone's leg. It's the little things that make this game the funnest.

Haha very true. One time I hit a looters leg with the butt of my rifle. Hilarious.

Professional Bandit

wonder if you can uppercut someones balls?

flying pie with a big sword

i've headbutt a lot of lower bodies in my day as well. i'd like to think that i'm a only 4 feet tall while being the most horrific force that anyone would ever meet.

i think i've invested too much time in this game when i'm carrying a first-aid box full of ketchup packets.