Destination: Detroit [Story]

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Destination: Detroit [Story]


My name is Joshua 'Brains' Branson. I'm a 34 year old survival and electronics expert. I know a wide range of edible and poisonous plants, I know my way around a computer, and I'm a survivor of the worldwide famine riots. I used to work on the Cryogenics project, but we were forced to abandon it from a bunch of no-good looters raiding our facility and breaking some of our highly expensive (and important!) equipment. Since the project was funded by the Government, when it went broke and collapsed, we had to make due with our expertise and what we had available. With our only reason to life gone, the other scientists and I decided to join the crowd. We became a group, a clan, a pack of wolves. We were vicious and gave no mercy. But we didn't do it because we loved it, we did it to make a mask for ourselves. We became feared, and people overall avoided us after long. It wasn't long until social interaction outside of our group never came. Everyone we saw fled. Come time, we eventually fought and argued. Then, we split up. That was about 3 years and 4 months ago. Yesterday, while scavenging, I found a note in an old campsite. There was blood everywhere, and no body to be found. The note read:

Location: Old City Detroit
Date: ❚/❚❚/❚❚❚❚
What: Rebuild society. Recruiting builders.
--By order of the Civilized Nations Committee

~Signed Rob Larence
President/Founder CNC

Destination: Detroit

I'm working on the 1st chapter. Check back for updates!