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That is, a list of changes to each build.

This would make sorting the wheat from the chaff with newsposts a non-issue.

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Hey Pwnlord,

Are you looking for more clarity in the news posts? I usually try to list changes for each build in bullet list format. Though, some posts include a few paragraphs to describe new features in more detail.

Or do you mean some way of finding posts like the one linked above more easily? I've labeled all news with build updates "new beta build," so searching for that phrase yields changes per build.

Let me know if I've misunderstood.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sorry for taking so long, but basically, a changelog is a build-by-build list free of commentary save what has been added or changed, separate from other blog posts.

Terra Firmacraft ( has a good example.

It also provides a good way to track changes.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Hi dcfedor,

I think a good practice would be to have a subforum dedicated to News from the developer only. With a stickied post up top listing the latest build and changelog for each version included (and locked so none but you can write to it), plus a stickied post perhaps for ongoing discussion on the latest version. That would simplify the forums a lot I hope.

Something like

Currently, as I am not on Steam, and even if I were, I wouldn't want new versions making my hard-earned saves incompatible all of a sudden, I can't even find easily what is the latest version. I check the forums only infrequently, and it would be pretty nice to have a place to go to see what's the current ver and what changed. Well, I couldn't even find your changelog until I happened purely by chance upon this post with your advice on searching for the new... phrase.

Having a normal changelog link on the website (not only hidden in the forums) would be pretty nice as well.

Please please! Currently, finding accurate information on the game, the changes, etc is exceedingly difficult if you are a casual player and have other things to do in your day than refresh the forums every hour. Especially since the forums are full of posts which pertain to older versions of the game.

Thanks for consideration.

You can always try the News section of the forum (first link to the left, on the top of the page, right under the company logo) - it contains daily updates from the developer, including a full change-log, on the day a new version goes out.

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