Combat interface: comments and minor complaint.

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Combat interface: comments and minor complaint.

I've been playing this game for a while but not found much cause to comment due to it being all young and awkward. I enjoy it a lot, especially more recent builds that are really coming together. It's tough, and I never get anywhere really, but it feels realistically harsh most of the time in a way that many games haven't the guts to try.

One criticism: I find that the interface is not user friendly in some places. My least favourite is the positioning of the 'confirm' button in combat. It is too far away from the box of combat options. Not a huge problem when playing with the mouse, but I often play on my laptop and combat involves a lot of track-pad swiping.
You could re-position the 'confirm' button, or introduce a keyboard short cut (I don't think there's one at present).

Another helpful shortcut might be 'keep last combat choice'. When I'm hacking someone with my cleaver I tend to take the same choice many times.

Otherwise combat is much more interesting now. I'm glad to hear that unconscious enemies won't take quite such a beating any more. Something for the future might be fallout style flavour speech from enemies: threats, boasts, pleading, screaming. Grunts and whimperings from the dogmen.
Although I do quite like the inhuman coldness of npcs too.


Hey Guzzleguts,

Looks like you've been here a while. Glad to hear that you're still enjoying the game, and the new changes. And it's good to hear the challenge is encouraging rather than repellent :)

Re: combat confirm button, does the spacebar not advance combat for you? That's what I normally use, and it saves me a ton of mousing. Actually, maybe I just forgot to update the rollover text on the confirm button to mention the spacebar?

Once you've given that a try, let me know if you still think there needs to be a "keep last combat choice." I find with the spacebar, I keep my mouse hovering over the battle options each turn, and just nudge left or right a bit to get the move I want.

Random flavor speech sounds interesting. I'll make a note of that, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games