Monday Demo and Beta Updates

NEO Scavenger: Now with Resizing/Scaling Windows!

It would appear that the jar of screaming eyes is not the only source of optical anguish. Quite a few people have mentioned that the size of the game, and in particular the font, make the game hard to see and read. So in an effort to alleviate that issue in the short term, I've added links to resizable windows so you can play at the resolution of your choice!

Both the demo and the beta have this option now (just above the embedded flash area). It's not perfect (the aliasing makes things look a bit chunky at some screen sizes), but it should make things overall a bit easier to control and read. Hopefully, that should make things good enough until a true higher resolution is available.

New Demo Updates

I also included a couple bug fixes in today's demo build. First, status conditions were not updating correctly when the player's status bars went from non-green to green (e.g. thirst condition would stick around, even though the bar showed green). This should be fixed now, so status conditions clear appropriately.

Second, items that degrade over time (like a campfire) should now correctly start degrading on the first turn. Previously, they skipped their first turn of degrading.

New Beta Updates

As usual, the beta includes the demo fixes above (status fix and degrading items fix), plus some new crafting changes! First of all, it is now possible to craft cured squirrel meat. Doing so works a lot like cooking squirrel meat, but if the player also uses their trapping skill and ashes, they get cured meat. It lasts longer than regular meat, but the increased salt content means thirst is impacted more than regular meat.

Also, it is now possible to make a campfire out of a small flame by adding another log to it. Furthermore, campfires degrade into small flames plus ash, instead of just ash. This way, campfires that are about to die can be resurrected without using a lighter and tinder.

Welcome World!

Hello everyone from the internet! Our quaint little apocalyptic game has hit a few major indie game sites today, and a new influx of people have stopped by to check things out. Send them a hearty "hello" before scavenging their stuff!