Tales of Frustration

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Tales of Frustration

For I am sure there are many.

Let's start.

I figured out a very nice little means to quickly garner lots of gear. Unfortunately, it comes with terrible luck-I have lots of trouble staying healed and fed.

So you can imagine my frustration when I have a backpack with six bottles of clean water, a bottle of water purification tablets, a rifle with twelve rounds of ammo (ten JHP, two Standard), a squirrel tunic I found in a shack (didn't know that could happen), a full set of clothing...and I fall down a ravine, Mortally Wounded, and die while hunting for squirrels.

My rage is considerable.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

Wow man that sucks.

For my tale of great rage, I will tell you about my 7 minutes ago playthrough. I started out lucky, with multiple loot spots next to the cryo facility. I get full clothing, plenty of food and water, a gun with 10 bullets. All seems right. Right? No. Im scavenging at a little cabin in the woods, and i eat some red berries. I get back to base and find out ive got level 3 poisoning. I freak out and my character dies, in my camp, at night, by berries. BERRIES.

R.I.P Phillip the 6th. Death by poison berries.

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how do you know if you have poisoning


You need to find the scraps of paper with recipes on them. They sometimes tell you what berries and mushrooms are edible, or poison.

EDIT: oh you meant how to tell if you have poisoning. You just click the little medical symbol below the hex map icon. It tells you what condition you are in * poison level 3, or cholera, or your just comfy.* And it tells you if, and where you are injured.

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