Traps and misdirection

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Traps and misdirection

Just had the thought while playing around with the beta: it should probably be a viable option for a sneaky botanist to leave out tampered with food and water - for instance, using an extract from a Deathcap mushroom in a bottle of water and leaving it behind - if an enemy stumbles upon it there should be a chance for them to decide it looks okay, and consume the poison themselves. Would definitely add a different dimension to the conflict.I'm not sure if this works already, but there should also be the ability to use your camp fires as a diversion, and cover your scent while luring enemies in a particular direction.


Great ideas! The food thing might partially be happening already. All creatures need resources like the player does (food, water, shelter), so in theory, one might eat poisoned food and die from it. I don't think many live long enough to find out, though. Maybe I should add creature corpses to the game, so players can see what killed them? We could then test that theory.The campfire thing makes sense too. With the "sneak" mechanic in the beta, there is a new stat on the player for visibility. Perhaps I could flesh this out into spotting? Definitely worth investigating!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games