Mobile Testing, and Website Upgrade Discord Party Tomorrow!

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We ended up doing a lot of yard work for some reason, including climbing a 22' ladder into a giant tree, and digging up some bizarre concrete lamppost base with trash can lid bird bath on top. It had crumbled and rusted beyond use, and currently sits against our back fence as a monument to the past century of homeowners.

Tiago and I executed a flurry of fixes to mobile today. At first, we thought we had a winner. But we found a few more bugs during testing, and began working in parallel to fix them. They were the usual late-project bugs, such as font kerning, swipe input conflicting with items, and store dialog crashes. I think we have fixes for most of them done or else figured-out. So hopefully we get another kick at the can soon!

Website Maintenance Tomorrow - Content Freeze and Discord Party!

Also, tomorrow is the big day! We're going to try migrating to the new site again, and that means a content freeze.

Basically, sometime tomorrow morning, we'll be putting the website into maintenance mode, and it won't be possible to post content (or possibly even read) the site for most of the day. During this time, we'll be migrating the user accounts, posts, comments, and other pages to the new server, and then checking for bugs.

During the downtime, I'll be haunting the BBG Discord server, chatting and answering questions. And maybe throwing in a surprise here and there :)

Hopefully, the down-time won't be for long, and we'll have a shiny new site soon!