Remaking the Skill/Trait System

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Remaking the Skill/Trait System

So here's my idea. Let the player pick an occupation and hobby rather than skills and traits. This could be done using an encounter at the start of the game.
Here's what I put in my mod idea desktop file:

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Mod ideas for alternate start base mod.

1. Remove current skill system, and replace with *Prior occupation system*.
a. Have player pick skills in encounter?
b. Have player pick occupation, then hobbies. Then allow flaws if wanted.
2. Add ability to use prior occupation choice for jobs at ATN, DMC and Zom Zom's(?).

Occupations and effects:
1. Construction
a. Add large carry weight, medium health bonus.
2. Park Ranger
a. Add vision range, botany skill and trapping skill.
3. Law enforcement (normal)
a. Add large ranged bonus, vision range and movement bonus.
4. Law enforcement (riot)
a. Add large melee bonus, small health bonus and small movement bonus.
5. Mechanic
a. Add lock-picking skill, small health bonus and small carry weight bonus.
6. Electrician
a. Add electrician recipes, small health bonus.

I have a general idea on how I could add in that jobs thing, too. I could simply put in an encounter option for those places. However, you'd have to think logically. You might not find as many jobs as an electrician at the ATN as the DMC, but you'd be paid quite well since electricians are in short supply (almost especially at Zom Zom's).

I believe that this is the field modifier I'll be using for all of the occupations:

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It's long, I know. But that's every non-recipe field that I've found. Hope it works, I'll be trying to get a non-encounter version working by tomorrow if I can :) Of course, that's just the hope. And I have to sleep sometime.

This is obviously really early on, but I'd appreciate any feedback. Specifically on any occupation/hobbies. :D

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So I've gotten to a point where I have two option:
1. Have the new skills call on the old ones for modifiers.
2. Keep the system I started yesterday which has it's own condition files.

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Here's a modifier field and effect spoiler!

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I'm running into an issue...
I'm getting a loading error (#1085 row 7), if anyone could tell me exactly what that is, id love to hear and know. I already did some research on the site (I even looked the error up on a xml site), but I didn't find anything that helped me a whole lot. Most people, from the research I did into this, experience it due to a getimages error, but I don't see anything wrong with my getimages. Though, I might be missing something.

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I fixed the issue! Turns out, it was in the conditions.xml file. It's actually pretty embarrassing... I had to table inputs stacked on top of each other, so it went:
<table name="conditions">
<table name="conditions">

It was even at the top of the list, literally the first set!

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)