Mobile Progress, New Website, and More Logos

Hey Folks! A bit more work today on the new game title and logo, while Tiago swept-up the remaining mobile bugs.

Tiago was able to figure out a bug in the demo that caused paragraph breaks to be ignored. It turns out this was not only due to platform-specific line ending characters, but also the way git converts them on check-in/out. As if line endings weren't complicated enough, we now have git to worry about :)

He also figured out why the item tooltip sometimes showed wrong info. And this was one of those bugs that was way easier to fix than to find. It boiled down to a case where the user taps an item in take/drop mode. There was a line in the code that prevented updating the tooltip if the item under the mouse hadn't changed, and this wasn't working now that we have touchscreen support (likely due to the way old tooltips were automatic on rollover, and new ones require tap-and-hold). Omitting that line seems to fix it.

He has one other issue that I think he's looking into, and then...are we done? We may be done! (Well, at least ready to submit a build to the store for approval.)

The website might be ready for relaunch again next week, too. The last relaunch attempt had to abort due to the lead dev's parental leave. We thought we could sneak the launch through beforehand, but nature had other plans.

It appears the webdevs now have someone available for the launch, and we'll be re-attempting it on Tuesday morning. We'll do a site freeze, and perhaps a Discord party? Might be a fun way to spend time while the site is offline/frozen.

Finally, I worked on a few more logos for the new game. I think the name is solid enough to stay, and despite having some new ideas today, I think one of yesterday's logos is better. Basically, similar to NEO Scavenger's typography, shape, and colors, but with new words. I might even omit the "A NEO Scavenger Story" bit, since the logo is similar enough to make that clear.

I also did a mock-up of a Steam "capsule" (the game logo and image you see in store listings). I grabbed some of the more interesting visuals from the prototype, including the system orbital map, crew faces, lit-up deck tiles with crew, and a control panel, and made a collage with the new logo. Almost exactly like the current NEO Scavenger store listing art, but with new assets. I'm hoping that, like the NEO Scavenger one, it shows some of the different elements of the game at-a-glance, such as crew management, ship design, control panels, and realistic navigation.

It looks yummy :)

Hopefully, once the game's visuals are done, it'll look even better! And I guess more to the point, hopefully it'll be more fun to play, too :)

Anyway, that's it for this week. Have a good weekend, all!


DovaScavenger's picture

Yummy sounds interesting. I wonder how it will turn out.

Perhaps removing "A NEO Scavenger Story" might make it seem less intimidating for new players, and just referencing with the logo is a neat touch for fans.

dcfedor's picture

Perhaps! It certainly makes the logo simpler, both for me as a designer, and the consumer to read. Those are two very good reasons :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games