Mobile UX, and OOO

Hey Folks! Today was one part mobile dev, one part admin work.

The mobile part was the continuation of yesterday's item placement helper code. I finished fixing the swapping issues, put it through its paces this morning, and discovered both some null pointer issues and edge cases I missed yesterday. One fix involved handling cases where the affected grid was tested before vs. after irrelevant grids (i.e. other visible slots/containers on the page). I also needed to make a specific case for when the dropped item is in precision drag mode and results in a swap, so that it would actually allow swapping items in this case.

Finally, after finishing the above, I gave it a shot both on PC with the mouse, and for about 30 minutes of stress testing on the iPad. And I'm happy to say that it feels much improved. It's easier to predict where an item will go now, and generally seems to do what the user intended. I only had one case where it didn't, and that was the result of swapping an item for another causing the cursor offset to be in a weird place. And even then, it only took one retry to fix it. (Often it would take several different tries and approaches in the past.)

I also added a little yellow dot to items when they're picked up, showing where the user tapped on them to pick them up. The reason for this is to help in placing the item on a grid later. With this dot, the user can see the reference point their tap corresponds to when placing the item. If the dot is in the top left corner, they know that tapping a grid square will place the item's top left corner aligned to that grid, with the rest of the item extending down and to the right.

Basically, a visual "handle" sprite.

The admin work was mostly email, and a bit of thinking about what the space game will entail. Still a lot of unknowns on that project, so it's really hard to plan for.

Lastly, I won't be working next week until Thurdsay. It's a holiday weekend here in the US, so I'm taking Monday-Wednesday off to be with the fam. I should be back in the office Thursday, though.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!