Tell me about NS2...

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Tell me about NS2...

What's planned for it? Any major changes or features?

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Dan's currently working on another game in the same universe that expands on the world, but is not a direct sequel and doesn't deal with the same events. It's going to be set in space and have spaceship crew management, etc. (how that's supposed to tie into the first game is beyond be but I'm sure I'll be left in awe by the time it ends).

NEO Scavenger 2, a direct sequel, will come out sometime after the space one, albeit pretty far along the road since games take time to make. That will be a direct sequel and continuation of Phillip's story (one that I'm personally more excited for). Since it's so far down the road, there's no direct info on it yet.

Alright then... Is there anything people are generally interested in that Dcfedor has expressed he would like to implement? Even if it's not concrete evidence?

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Sorry for the late reply.

Off the top of my head, the only thing I recall was a discussion on this forum about expanding the combat perspective. The hex maps will be more detailed and instead of taking place on a separate screen, there will be animations for combat actions seen on the hexes themselves.

This was just a thread that Dcfedor joined in on, and by no means guarantees that anything like this will make it into the final game.