I Beat NEO Scavenger On Mobile! (Spoilers)

Hey Folks! Today was all about testing the latest mobile build. And I'm happy to report that I was able to beat NEO Scavenger on iPad!

It took most of the afternoon, and involved escaping cryo, doing Zom Zom's, scavenging a bit, doing Hatter's quest, visiting Detroit Savings Bank for Cale's address, interrogating Cale, escaping SkyCorps, scavenging my way to ATN, learning my history from Michelle, heading to Grayling, narrowly escaping a dogman at the gates, and making a bee-line for the hangar. The ending screen worked, the ending music played, and it returned to the main menu without issue!

Along the way, the game crashed twice, which isn't optimal, but given it was over 4 hours of gaming on an iPad 3, not bad, either. And autosave avoided much loss, only setting me back a few hex moves to the last end turn. Achievements reappeared in the message log when reloading, but were not re-awarded in Game Center. And, of course, there are a few minor UI tweaks and fixes to be made.

But it works!

I've just added what I hope are the last batch of issues to be fixed, and Tiago and I will dig into them tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we can submit the app soon!


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Spoiler Alert!

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Good point! Edited title :)

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