iOS Compiling, Provision/Cert Hell, and Bug Fixing

Hey Folks! Rough day today. I spent the better part of it wrestling with Apple's app-signing process, and only managed to get it working early in the afternoon.

Tiago's instructions were actually clear and pretty easy to follow. It was some of the XCode setup that was harder to figure out. (Largely because it requires setup unique to each user and environment.) A big part was learning to navigate the endless sea of XCode menus and options for build config, and I also needed to spend a few hours flailing around in my certificates and provisioning profiles.

Eventually, I figured out which were the correct ones (no thanks to ambiguous error messages), and got the iOS app to compile and launch on my iPad 3. And I think the good news here is that this is probably the hard part. Taking the next step to uploading an app should only be a few changes to the build settings and an upload process. (And some web form submitting. And some waiting.)

Ugh. I hate app development. (The store/infrastructure part, that is.)

I also noticed a few more bugs while poking around, one of which seems to be line breaks not working on the demo in iOS. Full version seems fine, as do both demo and full on PC. But for whatever reason, paragraph breaks in demo encounters are being ignored.

I only started looking into this, and will have to resume tomorrow.

I did, however, figure out how to hook-up the end-of-demo encounter to an IAP to unlock the full version. It just piggy-backs on the Full Version button from the main menu that Tiago built. So that's good! (And much clearer than sending the player to's website where they can't really buy any IAP anyway.)

So overall, a grueling day that started rough, but thankfully ended on a high note. Progress continues!


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In my mind I can see you dancing around a burning pile of Apple hardware and laughing manically when the mobile port is finally finished. Oh, and I have an idea for a quest in the space game. Something that involves demolishing a little asteroid, that resembles a bitten off apple. ;-)

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Maybe the makers of the iSlab have facilities in space, and any time their employees want to dock somewhere else, I'll force them to go through "provisioning and certification."

But only after they acquire a D-U-N-S number from across the system, and wait 14 business days for the records to update.

Also, they can only dock with the station if they buy a ship made at that station.

Also, there is a $99 annual subscription required to dock, on top of normal operating costs.

Also, none of this is made clear upfront. They have to read 6GB of support documentation to learn it all.

And assuming they go through all this hassle, they can submit a docking request for approval.

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Haha, that's even better!

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool