Blistered toes, broken pebbles, and canned soup.

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Blistered toes, broken pebbles, and canned soup.


I picked up Neo Scavenger a couple weeks back, and have been playing it basically non-stop, so I wanted to drop by the forums to say that I absolutely love the game, which I just did, so now it's story time! :D

A little something about me. I must confess that I'm a terrible person and love to meta-game even in singleplayer games with no win conditions. It's a habit that I picked up from years of Dota 2, and that alone has resulted in an interesting relationship with NS.

When I first started playing, I died a lot, as you would expect. Non of my usual tactics were sufficient to cheese me through the game, and that got me frustrated. But then I started thinking, but that didn't do much so I turned to the wiki instead. Slowly, I was familiarizing myself with the game, learning the basic of resource management, and finally I made it to DMC without much trouble. For a brief period of time I was completely immersed in the game world. I truly felt like a no-life hobo trudging the post-apocalyptic wastes, with little on his mind save for where he might find another can of soup. But despite its best effort, NS couldn't keep me trapped in immersion. It was just a game after all, and I quickly began to outsmart it.

I learned to take the botany skill every single time, because berries are way too good to pass up. I learned to take the athletic skill, because that makes it so nobody can ever touch me. And I learned to take the ranged skill, because pebbles, while not the most broken things in the game by themselves, does enable something that's as close as you get to "cheese".

The truly broken thing about pebbles is the fact that they allow use of the ranged volley ability, which stuns the enemy, deals 6 damage from range, and you can do it 6 times with a sling before reloading. Though I just reload and run away whenever I hit them, so from the enemy's end it's just an endless stream of pebbles. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this attack option was supposed to be balanced by the fact that you're chucking 3 shots at your enemy, which has the chance to miss and waste you 50 tofu sticks in one go. But since the pebbles and sling are so readily available this down side is completely non-existent. Enough said about pebbles however.

Overall the game did really well to captivate me, even if the NPCs weren't up to expectations.

"Hey man, thanks for the help. We sure showed them blue frogs what's what huh?"

He looks you up and down, sizing you up, before limping away without a word.