I Made an iOS App! And OOO Rest of Week

Good news, everyone! I was finally able to compile the iOS on my own laptop today!

If you've been following these posts over the past 12 months, you've probably seen me gripe about not being able to compile NEO Scavenger Mobile for iOS. PC is easy. Android is easy. (And doable on a PC!)

But iOS? NOooooo. You need an Apple running a certain version of OSX and XCode and provisioning/certificate gobbledygook. And even then, XCode doesn't really work with Haxe out of the box, so some finagling is required.

And even then, you need the right versions of the right Haxe libraries to do it.

Well, thanks to Tiago's patience, and lots of trial and error on my end, we finally did it! Had to reinstall a special Haxe version 3.4.2 (git build development @ ada466c from nightly builds), re-download all the libs, make sure hxcpp was set to v 3.4.64, then run the magic terminal command to rebuild the XCode project before opening it and...voila! I could finally compile for iOS.

Easy peasy! (Not.)

Basically, this means I can now submit builds on my own to iTunes, which will be handy since Tiago is in the process of starting his next project. He's graciously making himself available to smooth the transition, and provide post-launch support. But eventually, I'm going to need to put on the grown-up pants and learn how to maintain NEO Scavenger Mobile myself, right?

In other news, I'll be OOO tomorrow and Friday. Still around, and should be checking email periodically. But no news, and I might be slow to respond. Should be back to normal Monday, though!

Have a good one, all!


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Will you have the same problems with your next game as well?

Edit: Have you already seen Starship Theory?

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I shouldn't have the same issues with the space prototype, since it's not intended for mobile. I guess there's always a chance it'll go mobile, too. But unless NS goes gangbusters on mobile and makes me rich, I'm not sure I'll bother again. Way too complicated, and porting isn't really fun. I prefer making new games :)

Re: Starship Theory, yeah! Matt Parker on YouTube pointed it out to me. Definitely some overlap, but not an exact duplicate. And I don't think it'll be the only one. A "build your own spaceship then fly it" genre is like the game everyone I know wants to make :)

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Perhaps start with a library that's less...esoteric.

P.S. Don't forget to back up your working build machine!

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By "esoteric," do you mean Flash? Or Haxe? I think in either case, and even with Unity, many of the problems I'm referring to remain. They're things outside of the engine, like provisioning profiles, product registration, business documentation, mouse vs. touchscreen differences, and device incompatibilities.

Plus, Apple has already said they will no longer support 32-bit apps on new devices. Why bother making an app if it only works for a couple years?

Nah, I'll stick to desktop, I think :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games