Mobile Fixes, Bugs, More Fixes

Hey Folks! Today was mostly a mobile day, as Tiago submitted his latest test build. It included his fixes for loading URLs and swiping.

So far, the fixes seem good! I was able to load websites in the browser (even PDF manual link worked), and the link to rate the game opened directly in the app store instead of a browser. The only thing left there is to setup the rating request to happen at a good time, and only one time.

The swiping was easier to use, too. I made a few adjustments so that it worked on the quick recipes, but otherwise, so far so good. I also decided to change the prev/next buttons and swiping on quick recipes and available ingredients to wrap around from last to first and vice versa. (Rather than requiring the user to page all the way back to the beginning when reaching the end.)

In the process of testing, I noticed two new bugs.

First, the message log disappeared when the main menu was raised and closed again. Turns out this was a missing line in the restore code for the inventory pages. No sweat.

The second issue is a bit worse: no recipes in the demo. It looks like we're not loading them at all. In theory, a simple fix. But this might require special handling to ensure the demo-approved recipes load, instead of full-version recipes.

More on that tomorrow!