Cleanliness and Dampness stats in NS2

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Cleanliness and Dampness stats in NS2

Pretty self-explanatory: increased Dirtiness makes you easier to detect by scent, but less so if combined with low Dampness, and Wetness makes it easier to increase Dirtiness and also makes you cold faster.

A wet (<25%) electronic device will destroy itself if turned on.

Dirty clothes are worth less than clean ones.

This would make the early game of NS2 a bit more complicated and add a fair amount of depth and roleplaying possibilities. The idea of washing my clothes over a campfire while gnawing on a haunch of roast venison is a very cozy one...though the idea of running in whatever I didn't wash with my weapon and maybe my pack should balance that out for the masochists.

Leaving room for extra stats to be implemented for modders would be nice, too-for exposure to Black Swamp toxins, p'raps?

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!