TotalBiscuit, Taxes, and Orbital POR

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. And if you were still waiting to pull the trigger on NEO Scavenger, hopefully you saw the sale yesterday.

As it turns out, TotalBiscuit saw the sale! (If you're a non-subscriber, here's a peek.) As some of you know, TotalBiscuit has partnered with, and sometimes plays the games on offer. And though he's under no obligation to be kind to the games he tries, I think he gave it a fair shake. Not his cup of tea, he admitted, but he enjoyed the immersion and level of detail. Plus, there were some entertaining moments like the above :)

And, as many of you won't be surprised to hear, it had an impact on both sales and awareness! NEO Scavenger got a healthy blip of attention and sales yesterday, which is really good timing with mobile coming out soon. TB was even kind enough to mention the mobile version was coming soon, so hey, that was a pretty snazzy Sunday!

In other news, the IRS sent me a nice letter over the weekend. And by "nice," I mean a "penalty for remitting withheld income tax too late." Turns out that the tax I withhold from my paycheck is to be paid monthly, whereas I was paying it quarterly. So I was assessed an interest penalty. Bummer, but fairly easy to correct, going forward. (Something which I tackled today, for all Q2 paychecks so far.) I suspect I'll have another, smaller penalty in the near future since the first two Q2 remittances are late. But it shouldn't be as much this time. And hopefully $0 from now on.


Finally, after catching-up on some emails, I decided to do a bit of prototyping. One thing I've been working on is the orbital plotter UI for when the player pilots their ship. I was able to get the orbits done, and have started work on a ship component.

Today's work included making that ship movable around the system, and having the UI update the closes grav well for reference. The ship flight controls are just a stand-in for now, since I plan on those being more indirect. But this allows me to check that everything is working correctly. I can also start adding orbit-plotting for the ship based on current velocity and nearby grav wells.

Hopefully, this will make it possible to plot a course to a destination, which is the reason I'm doing all of this: it's a rough draft of one major game loop, where crew flies from one end of the system to another for transport, missions, or other purposes. Once that works, I can move it over to the crew sim portion of the prototype, and have AI sit at the console to change course, then walk away for days while the ship executes that course. It'll also give me a better idea of how this UI should work, what inputs it needs, etc.

That is, of course, unless mobile or web projects are ready to go to the next level. I suspect one or both might be soon :)