False Alarm! Site Relaunch Postponed

I bet you thought the new site was launching today. Fooled you!

And as it turns out, fooled me, too. We were on track to flip the switch today, when the lead dev went into labor early. We sort of thought we had a few days until then, which is why we were aiming to do it yesterday and today. Buuut...nature waits for no website :)

In a way, this works out okay. I was finding and fixing things up until a few minutes ago anyway. Things like NEO Scavenger SWF database issues, SolSolo not loading, and updating some minor things on privacy policy and other content pages. So basically, I would've been fixing stuff after launch anyway, and now I have most of it figured out for the next attempt.

So what does that mean? For now, this site is back to normal for a few days at least. Continue using and posting on it normally. And when the time comes, we'll do another freeze, re-migrate everything, and this time I'll have fixes for all (most) of the known migration issues in my back pocket, ready to go.

For now, have a good weekend, all! See you next week.