Map Fixes and Mailing Lists

Hey Folks! More last-minute fixes today on both the new website and mobile launch.

The first were a batch of fixes for the map and minimap. Labels were missing on hexes, and it turned out that they were assigned the wrong camera. Combined with the really large scroll amounts the map uses, this meant they were way off-screen and invisible. Pretty easy fix once I figured out why it happened.

The minimap had a few issues, too. The screen and player cursors needed some attention, as the former was too wide and the latter needed more accurate position info. Those, too, were pretty easyt fixes once I found the issues.

Finally, the minimap's "explored" hexes (previously revealed but out of sight now) were all appearing as black instead of tinted darker than normal colors. This turned out to be a float->int rounding issue. And you guessed it: easy fix once I figured that out :)

On the website, I decided to turn my attention to the new mailing list feature. It's been ready to go for a while, but I wanted to review it for validity and any last-minute changes.

As it turns out, that was probably a good thing. I discovered that I can enable "double opt-in" to send subscribers an email they use to verify the subscription. This helps reduce cases of typos in the email address, fake sign-ups, and other issues where the user didn't intend to subscribe. So I've enabled that.

And since that email is potentially first contact from me, I wanted to reword it a bit to sound more like me than a robot :)

I also realized one of the "interests" subscribers can choose was "Game XI," which is a placeholder the web devs used since I didn't have a name for the new space prototype. I still don't, but I at least was able to change it to "Space Prototype." Now, there is both "NEO Scavenger" and "Space Prototype" to choose from. And I can selectively send emails to each group as needed.

And for reference, this is likely to be an infrequent newsletter. Probably once per new game launch, game build, contest, unusually good sale, etc. My gut tells me like once per month.

So, not a bad day! Another batch of things done, and a step closer to launch!