Conditions Logging, Swiping Fixes, Minimaps, and Databases

Hey Folks! The final stretch continues, with a cluster of mobile fixes and some website database work.

The mobile version had a regression bug that causes certain conditions not to be reported. This turned out to be a problem with any permanent (i.e. fire-and-forget) conditions, like "Player ate white pill." Since they leave no trace on the creature, the game assumed they didn't get added, and so no log messages appeared for them.

I made some changes to the way this is handled, and unfortunately it was not superficial work. Had to go into some more critical functions. However, it seems to be holding, and a couple hours of playtesting shows no issues. So fingers crossed!

Tiago is concurrently plugging away at some swipe edge cases. Mainly making the swipe play nicely with touch input logic and other gestures, since there is some overlap. He's still feeling pretty confident the remaining issues can be fixed.

And speaking of, I did notice three new issues today. All minimap and map related. But the good news is that only one is major enough to warrant a pre-launch fix (misaligned map sprites when scrolling near map edges). The others we can live with and patch later without harming user experience much (if at all).

On the website front, the next step is to setup a database for NEO Scavenger's web version to use, since the old one goes away when we migrate to the new server. There isn't currently a database nor user for me to upload this game data, though, so The Jibe are going to set one up that I can populate.

Nothing major today, but still a pretty solid step forward. Still feeling optimistic about launching soon!