Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was a whirlwind of travel and carousing, oddly resulting in a feeling of refreshedness. It felt good to get out, cut loose, and not be home! Now it's time to cocoon for a few months :)

Today involved a lot of emailing and a bit of webdev...because it's quite likely the new site will launch at the end of the week!

We're currently penciling-in Thursday as the content freeze, during which we'll spin-up the new server, migrate the content, test everything, and then switch over the DNS. Due to the freeze, there won't be any forum posting nor blog posts (since we want to capture the latest content for the migration). However, once done, you should be able to resume without any lost content.

Except it'll be a new site! Fingers are crossed that it goes smoothly. Though, even a few bumps are probably fine, as it shouldn't take long to correct them.

Tiago is also making good progress on the last batch of mobile bugs. As he hoped, many of the page-swiping issues turned out to be related, so they are falling domino-style under his coding wrath. With any luck, this next build will be ready for public consumption, and we can submit for approval!

Yessir, this could be an interesting week or two ahead :)