Testing Mobile Swiping, and OOO

Hey Folks! Tiago uploaded the latest build this morning, which included his swiping controls. So a good chunk of the day was spent testing and logging issues for it.

Overall, it's a major step forward for mobile UX. It adds the ability to use swipe to switch pages on crafting ingredients and quick recipes, as well as attack modes. Previously, one had to tap buttons to do these things. Those buttons were enlarged a bit for mobile to help, but it was still a tedious and fiddly experience on small screens.

Now, with swiping, it feels like it requires less effort and decision to affect a change. Just stab your finger in the general vicinity of the UI and swipe in a direction, and it changes to the next page/option. Super easy!

That said, there are still a few issues. For one thing, the swipe seems to need more sensitivity on my Nexus 5X. I have to swipe several times to get it to completely roll over to the next option. It should ideally jump to the next option with even just a little nudge, to avoid causing frustration.

It was also possible to get UI sprites off alignment and semi-transparent if the swipe wasn't complete. Like it was halfway between options.

Finally, we'll have to tweak some of the directions and edge cases to make it more intuitive. E.g. swiping left to see the next page, so it feels like a paperback. And probably letting the swiped pages wrap from end back to beginning, so users don't have to swipe multiple times to go from the last page back to beginning.

Fortunately, Tiago things these might be easier fixes. So hopefully, not too long to go!

Also, just a heads-up, I won't be in the office tomorrow. So no news post. I'll still be on email occasionally, just not at my desk like usual. So if I don't chat with you before then, have a good weekend, all!