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nothing fancy

i really think that a simple mod introducing and mantaining altogether these simple features would complete the game, i really wish someone could do something about it:

1- learning (pretty much as the extintent but not updated to 1.15 mod already does and plans to do)
2- mantaining (mantaining stuff, using rough components, and maybe a skill making mainteinance less expensive)

I really think that these 2 features alone could and would make the game more enjoyable.
Just these 2 features would be more than enough to give mid-end game more enjoyable.

Secondary cool stuff might be the ability to build a hidden base, using materials and skills.

These 3 features plus a rebalancing making generally a bit harder to find stuff, could imho improve the game deeply. I wonder how come nobody ever tried to make a mod with this little combination of features... What do you think?