Grand Rapids?

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Grand Rapids?

So I've recently been bugged by this question: Where is Grand Rapids in Neo Scavenger?
No, really. Grand Rapids is kind of a major city in Michigan, maybe not as important as Detroit, but it's still worth a mention. Did I miss something in the lore? Is Zom Zom's actually Grand Rapids? If that's the case... I DO have a local Zom Zom's...

This has been flying around in my head like some crazy ass bat for a while now, so I've decided to ask.

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Zom Zom is around where the state capital Lansing is. Other than that place, few are mentioned but not Grand Rapids.

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No official Grand Rapids, I'm afraid. Apart from the specifically-mentioned areas (DMC, Grayling, Allegan), I didn't have the time (and/or knowledge) to add any others.

Originally, the game's map used a different scale, and was an accurate map of all MI locations. I used satellite imagery and some image processing to determine forested, open, urban, and water areas, overlaid elevation data, and had this really cool combo map.

Then, I wrote some bitmap-parsing code to load the image, and replace certain colors with certain map hexes. You could navigate to a settlement anywhere in the state, and there was a pretty good chance the game had urban tiles there. Ditto for rivers, forests, hills, and the occasional mountain.

Unfortunately, that map was double the dimensions of the current map, and killed performance. It also made the game a bit different, as the player quickly learned where everything was on the map.

I still occasionally think about trying to use that map again in some way. I think it'd be fun.

But that would require spare time :)

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That sounds awesome! Sad that it couldn't be done, though I can understand why. Anyone who has even the faintest of MI knowledge could easily locate good loot spots, and replay value would be murdered. Would have been fun to use my actual map of Michigan to navigate though.
Maybe we might see something like this later, as you've given away that it can work.
Oh yeah, so is that why there's road tiles and mountain tiles?

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The mountains, yes. I figured I'd take a page from Civ's book and have some impassable terrain like mountains. But in a random map, that can be dangerous. It could limit a player to a small area. (Ditto for random rivers/lakes.)

And I could never get a set of road/river tiles that I liked, so I removed them all. (Ignoring issues with movement rate effects, man-made crossings, ruins, etc.)

The road tiles you see were actually something else. Later in the game, Cameron and I were discussing a long road to Grayling that had sights along the way, and something chasing the player. But in the end, it didn't really play well, so it was scrapped.

The art was left in, though, for anyone curious :)

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Another thing that's been making my brain itchy, are there any mentions of the Michigan Triangle?
For anyone who doesn't know, the Michigan Triangle is essentially the Bermuda Triangle, but between Michigan and Wisconsin. I feel like this could have been a very good starting point for some more supernatural occurrences. To this date, I have found no mention of the triangle in NS.

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