Concrete Forest has no options

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Concrete Forest has no options

I'm running version 1.15 on Windows 10 with no mods. I got the information at the bank by threatening the teller and eluded the patrol by smashing my tracking device, but I find when I go to the Concrete Forest apartments there's the initial description of the place, then when I hit confirm it dumps me back to the map of Detroit with no options to visit the convenience store, watch the dancers, or go to tower 48.

Hey there, I've just run into this problem on Android, did you find a fix?

Just saw the other post about this. The fact that it also occurs on Windows is surprising, since this hasn't come up yet and that version's been out for months.

I'll take a look, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Looks like the encounter was missing an option to cover cases where:

- player was wanted by SkyCorps
- player was not wearing a tracking device
- SkyCorps not called to concrete forest yet

I've added a case to cover that situation, which should make the next patch. (Mobile patch likely this week, next PC patch might be a while yet.)

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey. So three and a half years on, and I'm having this same problem. Was a fix never patched?

Sorry about this. The PC version was never patched.

This was around the time we were attempting to switch NEO Scavenger from the old Flash standalone engine (which isn't really possible to update anymore) to a newer Haxe engine.

Final post in a series about the attempted Haxe port of NS.

However, we were never able to get it stable enough to replace the Flash build. And with Ostranauts dev under way, I haven't had a chance to reopen that project.

It's still possible this could be patched someday (I really want to see if I can get that Haxe version working), but probably not for a while.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Right on, thanks for responding!

I'm actually keeping a close eye on your Ostranauts game too, setting looks glorious and am waiting to buy early access once the story is fleshed out a bit more. Otherwise I'll keep fingers crossed for an engine update for Neo Scavenger if you ever get the time.