[WIP] NeoSaves

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[WIP] NeoSaves

Finished my mod and decided to post it on nexus mods for ease of download and management.

This mod allows for multiple saves/backups and also does autosaves for rolling back.

Check it out and let me know what you think.



I know I'm a wise-ass but if I see it right in the third line below "Important:" there's a typo: "through" instead of "though"...
Not worth the trouble of fixing it though, I guess.

But in case I did not say it (or even if I already did): Nice work!

Ha! >_<

Thanks! ... no spellcheck in code so I totally missed it. Next time I do an update I'll fix it.

Rally together with pitchforks and fire against this heretic!


Strip the flesh! Salt the wounds! *Manical laughter*