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NeoSaves - Save Management Mod

Hey folks. First time posting here. I just finished my savegame manager. I was looking for a mod with no luck so I decided to make my own. Trouble is I don't know where to host it. (So any thoughts on that would be appreciated)


How the app works:
The app was created in VB using MS Visual Studio. I am happy to post my code for those interested.

Setup: (see top of image)
-The exe file can be wherever you want.
-You tell it where the save file for NeoScavengers is kept.
-Push a button to create the required save file folders in your 'My Documents'.

When running:
-The app will make an autosave backup of the NeoScavenger save file every 2ish minutes.The time stamp of NeoScavenger's most recent save will be noted at the bottom. I find this helped me know how far back the last autosave was.
-You can save in any of the 5 save slots. There is room for a comment next to any of the save slots so you can note what the save was.
-When on the main menu of the game you can use the app's load buttons to load your various saves. You can also restore the game from a autosaved backup.
-You will need to hit the button to purge the autosaves. Meh. This is easy to do.

This has been working for me and I am loving it as it allows me to take more risk in the game and (for me) it makes the game less stressful. That being said. No one else has tested it so it may not work 100% for everyone. It is a very basic program though.. so I have no reason to see that it would not.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas on where I can post it so folks can use it/test it?


Edit 2/19/2020:
The mod/program is still happily hosted on Nexus Mods:

Hm, never used any of the usual upload sites before? There's Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer... Other people probably know more. For one time exchanges, WeTransfer is quite popular and good, but if you want to provide a longtime download option, go with Drive or Dropbox (whether or not you want to use a Google Service is up completely up to you, I personally don't really know if there's a perceivable difference between those two).

Cheers and good work on the app!

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Thanks! I didn't even think about just using googledrive. Duh-doi.

...and you went the superior way of uploading it to nexusmods, good idea! ;)

Probably missed something, but where is this file actually uploaded?

Not sure what i did wrong but I set up the save directory, launched the game ,saved and quit but I couldn't create a save in the save manager. I could use some help thanks.

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Would it be possible to change the amount of time between saves?

Howdy! Sorry for the delay. It is based on how often NeoSaves saved save files. The best way to get a save at a key point is to force a save by going back to the NeoScavenger title screen.

[ SOLVED ]Is the mod compatible with the gog version? my neo scavenger folder directory doesn't look the same as the one from your install guide- in fact a search for "nssgv1.sol" didn't bring up anything..

any help appreciated

edit: The reason i couldn't find it was that I had just died so the game didn't have an active save file. now that i started a new game and saved the file was created .
thanks for a handy mod!

@howard_e_fogge - Glad you got it working. :)

@everyone else - I dont mean to ignore replies. I still get these in my inbox... but then I get distracted. I lost the original program files when I moved computers a few years back so any edits would require a rebuild.

The program itself is hosted on Nexus Mods.

Also of note, you can really use it with any file to make backups. So it is cross compatible with any game saves or files you just want to make backups of.